Dating Them All Pt. 1 (All Main Heathers Characters)

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Hello, everyone! So, this is a reboot of the dating prompts, but this time around, this will include the rest of the characters. I hope you enjoy it!

Dating Heather Chandler:

-Was a Yandere Detective when you first met her.

-When Heather admitted she liked you, she kidnapped you.

-You love living as 'Chandler's Little Pet.'

-She cuddles you sometimes, only for a bit.

-You are her stress reliever.

-She's a mythic bitch on the outside, but deep down, she's a softie.

-She refuses to be a bottom, always on top: no exceptions.

-Secretly, the other Heathers are jealous of your relationship with their queen bee.

-Most nights consist of sharing warmth, watching crappy movies, kissing, and whispering sweet nothings in each other's ears.

-Refuses to go to sleep until you two say your nightly, "I love you,"

-"I love you, Y/n!"

-Heather will wake your ass up if you don't respond.

-Do you know how I said she was like a cat a while ago? Well, now she knocks shit off the counter and throws things around.

-"Pay attention to me! I'm bored!"

-One time she saw you in her red blazer: it didn't go too well, as you were handcuffed to the bed and punished in the best way.

Dating Heather McNamara:

-You're her everything.

-Mac's more vocal about she feels.

-Upon confessing to you, she was pretty damn nervous.

-She's an aggressive girlfriend, i.e., she's overprotective.

-Cuddling is essential to the relationship.

-Is very affectionate in public, whether in Westerberg or the streets.

-When Heather talks about you to her friends, her southern accent comes out; she can't help but be compassionate about you.

-"Damn, Y/n's wearing a very sexy outfit, I'd like a piece of that right about now! How did I get so lucky?" Mac says as she drools about your shape

-When someone else flirts with you, she will assert her dominance by kissing your neck or letting her hands trail up and down your body, feeling its entirety.

-One time, you accidentally called her mommy, ever since then, she demands that you call her Mommy, or Mother Dearest when you both are at home or outside.

-This southern girl is as tough as nails; she will not go down without a fight, meaning you're perfectly safe.

Dating Heather Duke:

-She is a timid girl, which is fine because you're probably the same way.

-Duke LOVES reading.

-Heather loves you more than her two-thousand book library, and that's saying a lot.

-She likes holding you captive in her room. That signifies she treasures you.

-Her eyes must always be on you; you can't leave a room without her.

-Heather is a small puppy; she wanted to be played with and petted all the damn time, also is a little ball of energy.

-When she needs to unwind, she stretches, and all buttons on her shirt are released, giving you a good look at her implants.

-"Do you like them?" the Korean girl teases while fondling her breasts.

-Does not like it when you call her Dukie.

-She is a small spoon.

Dating Veronica Sawyer:

-She's kinky, too kinky for her own good.

-A geeky and nerdy girl by nature.

-You must endure her weird and odd personality.

-She loves puns.

-One time, you were on the couch, and she straddled you.

-"I'm on top of the world!" Veronica paused, "I must be sitting in the ocean because damn, you are so wet right now! Don't worry, I am too!"

-Vero loves helping you with your homework.

-Did I mention she loves puns?

-"Hey, girl, your body reminds me of McDonald's, because I'm lovin' it!"

-One time, at the dinner table, you asked "Daddy, can you pass me the salt?"

-Both Veronica and your Dad got up.

-As Veronica stared down your father, she mouthed to him, "I'm her Daddy now!"

I hope you all enjoyed it! The next batch of characters is next!



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