Part 33 - Over

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Song recommend: The Man Who Can't Be Moved by The Script

The day she went out with Pete, she's no longer talk to me. Natashya just stayed away from me whenever I wanna be with her.

She's also didn't want to follow me around anymore. Whenever I went out, she asked one of the boys to follow me.

But I never let them follow me. I rather went out alone.

I walked on the street at my neighbourhood in the middle of the night. I just walked to the park alone. I'm chilling myself.

I remembered this street witnessed when Natashya admitted that she loved me. But now, what happened? It just gone like that? Did Pete is the reason?

It's already 1 in the morning but she didn't call me at all. Seems like she doesn't care anymore.

I turned on my phone and make a call to her.

Few rings, she picked it up.

"Hello?" She talked in a raspy voice. I guess I just disturbed her sleep. I didn't say a word.

"Calum?" She mumbled. I heard the click through the phone, she just went out from her room.

"Bebe where are you? It's fucking 1 am" she sounds worried. That nickname, I miss it. She rarely called me Bebe anymore and just called me by my name.

That's make me emotional. My tears were threatening to fall down onto my cheeks.

"Answer me now" Natashya groaned. I sobbed and tried to hold myself to not be loud.

"Don't just hear me. Talk to me idiot. Where are you?" She mad at me. I stopped walking and sat on the side road.

I hate to feel this way. I'm miserable.

"I'm sorry" I ended the call and hid my face on my knees. My man tears just fell down. What if she didn't love me anymore? What if all this time she just felt sympathy?

I cried my heart out. I didn't care if anyone see me here.

I heard a car stopped by the side road but I didn't look at the car. It must be the people who live here.


I heard a voice that I never think she will come to get me. I looked up with my swollen red eyes.

She quickly ran to me. "Why are you here?"
"Why you came here?" I asked her too.

"To get you idiot" Natashya wiped my tears.
I cried harder and hid my face on my knees again.

"Bebe, something happened huh?" She hugged me. I miss this so much.
"Yes something just happened" I sobbed.

"You didn't love me anymore right?" I mumbled.
"What? No I love you" she talked slowly.
"Nahh you just felt sympathy towards me" I fake my laugh when I looked at her.

"I'm not" she shook her head.
"Just leave me here. I can go home by myself" I slightly pushed her hand from my face.

"The house just 5 minutes from here, I'm fine" I looked at the empty street.

"You're not fine" she looked at me.
"I know myself" I mumbled.

"Calum....." she called me. I felt she's gonna said something that I didn't want to hear.

"Don't talk to me now. Not now" I closed my ears.
"I have too" she pulled away my hands and held mine.

"Calum... look at me" She caressed my cheek. I slowly looked at her.
She smiled.
"You're handsome boy and I love you" she wiped my tears.

"Just...." she took a deep breath.
"I need time to be alone. For myself"

I shook my head. "You want to leave me?"
"No, it just for a while. I swear" Natashya kissed my cheek.

"You said you love me but why you want to stay away?" I slightly pushed her hand.
"I can't tell you" Natashya sighed.

"Just fucking tell me that you want to break up with me" I shouted.
"That's not what I means" Natashya groaned.

"Then,what? Just fucking go away if that what you want" I mad at her. I didn't mean too just I really can't hold myself.

My heart hurts.

"Let's go home" she held my arm.
"Don't fucking touch me. Go away!" I gave my death glare to her. Natashya looked at me for a while and about to cry.

"Don't find me. I can take care myself. I don't need you" I stood up and walked away from her.

I knew she just drove back to the house. I looked at my back. She's gone.

"AAAHHHHH FUCKKK" I screamed my heart out.

This is the street that she confessed and also broke up with me.


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