Chapter 1

Four Days Earlier.

It was my eighteenth birthday. The day it all started.

"Happy birthday Hannah!" Shout my sweet parents, startling me out of my slumber.

"Uggh" I groan, the sound muffled by my pillow. A girl should at least get to sleep in on her birthday.

"Come on now sweetie, you don't want to waste one of the best days of your life in bed." My Mother sighs.

"Any way we've made you breakfast, so if you could just sit up..."

"Okay, okay" I sit up lazily and observe the delicious looking waffle in front of me, slightly crispy, drizzled in maple syrup and topped with berries, just the way I like it.

The scent of delicious food fills my nose and I perk up, "Thanks, it looks amazing."

They both smile at me and then share an awkward glance with each other. I know what's coming next, it's a common occurrence...

"Well sweetie we have to go to work now." Mum mumbles.

"Yes, we won't be back till quite late so call if you have any problems" Dad adds, and leans over to give my hair a quick ruffle, I refrain from complaining about it because the food they've made looks so good.

My parents are hardly ever home, they're both marine biologists-they met whilst working together-and they're always busy. They're either out on location studying animals in their natural environments, or their in the lab.

I'm used to this though, so I've become quite independent. Used to my own company, I suppose. I'm an only child too so it can get pretty boring being home alone.

So I give my parents a forgiving smile, "Well I'll be down at the beach with a few friends I guess. Have fun at work."

They both grin and give me quick kisses on my forehead, another thing that slightly annoys me at my age. They're quite doting, always trying to make up for the time they spend away from me.

But now I'm alone, once again.

Time to begin my day.

I quickly scoff down the waffles, (I know, very un-ladylike, but it's my birthday, and I'm home alone...) get out of my bed, and head over to my dresser.

I spend the next few minutes searching around for my favourite pieces of clothing, before dashing out of my room and over to the bathroom.

The rest of my morning routine follows, I brush my teeth, take a quick shower, get dressed, grab my surfboard, and head out the door.

I guess it doesn't really sound like your normal morning routine, but it certainly has become mine.

Because of my parents specialised jobs, I live in Port Douglas, Australia.

Which is great because Port Douglas is coastal, and my house is so close to one of the beaches...well it could almost be on the beach.

I don't know why I love the beach so much, maybe it's in my genes, or maybe it's what the sea air does to ones senses, but I can only go two days at the most without surfing or exploring the coral reefs right on my back doorstep. I spend my down time at the beach, work out, hang out with my friends, and occasionally study down by the rock pools...if the weather is nice. So my hair constantly smells of salt, there's always sand under my toenails, and despite moisturising all the time, my hands are still rougher than they should be.

I race down to the beach, feeling the cool breeze rush through the loose strands of my coiled hair, brushing them against my cheeks. I skid to a stop on the warm sand and my cobalt eyes survey the coast around me, as seagulls fly above in the fog and waves crash agains the shore. The scenery is gorgeous, as per usual.

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