CHAPTER 1: The Queen and the Peasent

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Why is it that when you want time to go by faster, it never does. But when you want it to go slower, it goes faster? That has always stumped me.

Here i am, sitting in math class, bored out of my mind like always. I already know all the stuff that the teacher is teaching! So instead of paying attention, i am watching the clock wanting it to strike 12:00 so that i can rush away to cheerleading practice. good choice, Anna. Dont pay attention to the teacher when your exams are in three weeks!

"Anna Brady, for the seventh time. Instead of daydreaming, how about you listen to the very important lesson that  am trying to teach."

"Have you ever thought that maybe what i am thinking about is more important than this, considering the fact that i know all of this already?" i smirked,

Anna Brady strikes again! i though to myself.


"Cheerleader, Smart in math, and cheeky." My boyfriend, Mason Hardy exclaimed, walking up behind me and embracing me in a hug.

I turned around and smiled.

"There is always something new to learn about me." i said, pecking him on the check.

Mason chuckled. " That there is."

Mason and i have been dating for just over 6 months now, but i know that its not the old fasion 'true love' its just a relationship, that teenagers are supposed to have. I mean, i dont think you should have your true love at the age of 16 anyways, right?

pulling me out of my deep thoughts, Mason looked at me questioningly.

"Anna, i asked you a question!" Mason said, with a pouting lip because i wasnt listening.

"Sorry mason, i was buried in my thoughts. What were you saying?"

"I just asked you if you would be willing to, errmmm, go get dinner and a movie on friday?"

"I would love to Mason, but i have something to do that night. How about maybe saturday?"

Sighing, he replied with " Im sorry Anna, i am going out of town for the long weekend."

"Oh, thats too bad! Maybe i could squeeze out of my plans to be with you?"

I gave him my most convincing smile, even though i know that my parents would never let me do that. The plans were to go and visit my grandma and grandpa from New York, New York that i only get to see like twice a year due to the fact that i live in canada and they live in the states.

"No its okay, Anna. I know that you are probably going to do something important." He said with a forced smile, even though that i secretly know he is hurting inside.

"Well i have to go Mason. I will see you sometime." I gave him a smile, and trotted away.


"ANNA! ARE YOU READY TO GO TO GRANDMA AND GRANDPA'S YET?" My mother screamed from the basement, a little too loud considering that i was already at the bottom of the stairs by the kitchen.

"Mom, no need to scream so loud!" i said, in a regular voice, knowing that she was right at the top of the stairs and i didnt want to break her ear drums like she did to me.

"Sorry hunny. But are you packed and ready?"

damn it. i have to pack? packing means staying over night. And staying over night means that i wont have that much time to do my homework, and i wont be able to surprise mason... i really wanted to surprise him, because he seemed so sad.

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