"Yeah it's ready. Is everyone else ready?" Tobi nodded.

"Uh huh, you were the last one I had to ask, everyone's ready." I inclined my head and avoided Harry's attempt to jump on me, side stepping him just in time.

"You ready for tomorrow Vikk?" Josh yelled through Ethan's arms, wrestling him to the ground. I nodded and giggled, digging my phone out of my pocket as it buzzed.

You out of school babe? I smiled and texted him back, watching to make sure that no one was running at me.

Yeah I'm out, going to Tobi's house for the afternoon to play games and I should be home before dinner. You coming around tonight? I only had to wait a few seconds for a reply.

Of course, see you later ;)

I giggled at his suggestive reply and tucked my phone back into my pocket, running after the boys. I was excited and happy.


The day of prom wasn't the greatest. I had been so excited for the prom that night but after forcing my way through school that day I wasn't so sure anymore.

The bullying had been worse than normal that day and it came from more people than usual. Someone stole my backpack and threw it down the hall, smashing my plastic drink bottle and spilling water all over my books, I was shoved into my locker and almost pushed down the stairs.

There was also a little of name calling and some worse names including "faggot" and "slag", names they normal stayed away from. They normally called me a nerd or an idiot, made fun of my sexuality without using harsh words or simply pushed me around.

There was something going on among the students going to prom, they were all whispering behind my backs and looking at me whenever I walked past, making me very uncomfortable. I told JJ about it and he said that I shouldn't worry, that I was just nervous.


"Come on Vikk! Have some fun!" I sighed, rubbing my forehead. I was tired and my head was pounding because of the overly loud music, and everyone seemed to be having fun but me.

I had already been harassed several times that night, some girls pushing around me and trying to trip me over because I was shorter than a lot of them and some guys had tried to grab at me. I had fled to the back of the room and stayed there for most of the night, a lemonade in hand.

The other boys were just chatting and laughing, dancing rather awkwardly to the music and although they did try to include me I withdrew, sitting in the corner and texting JJ. He even asked if I wanted him to come and pick me up and I said yeah, but in half an hour or so.

"I think I'm gonna go home guys." I sighed, addressing the others. Simon pouted and Harry hugged me, pulling me close.

"Nooooooo!!" He whined. "Don't go Vikky, we're having fun!!" I shook my head.

"I don't wanna stay any longer, I feel like shit." Josh and Tobi both nodded.

"Your boy gonna come and get you?" I nodded.

"Yeah, in about half an hour. I should be able to see prom king and queen announced but I'll go after that." The other all nodded and reluctantly agreed when they saw how tired and fed up I was, Tobi coming and sitting down beside me on the bench to wait for JJ.

Most of the good songs had already been played so there wasn't anything interesting and most of the other boys just sat down and talked, occasionally getting up to get some food or another drink. I leaned my head on Tobi's shoulder, already feeling the effects of exhaustion.

About 20 minutes later I got a text from JJ saying that he was outside. I was just saying goodbye to the boys when the music stopped and a young man, a student teacher I think, got up on the stage and announced that they would be announcing the prom king and queen.

I decided to wait in the door and listen, thinking I already knew the results. The prom king would go to one of the Pack, probably Mitch and prom queen to one of the popular blonde chicks who was always crushing after one of the Pack members, who had all come to the prom single.

"Our prom king is...." A far too long pause for dramatic effect. "Mitchell Hughes!!!" I rolled my eyes as he clambered up onto the stage, no surprise there. He looked a little nervous and kept rubbing his wrist but he accepted the award graciously. Probably worried about the fact that he would have to dance with the prom queen, even though I knew he was gay.

"And our prom queen is...." The announcer looked a little confused when he opened the envelope but when he spoke I could hear the malice in his voice. "And our prom queen is Vikram Barn!"

I froze and jeering filled the room, hateful shouts and laughter, teasing laughter. I looked around the room and made eye contact with some of the boys, who were looking as shocked and surprised as I felt. Looking up to the stage I saw Mitch, frantically looking around for me, panicked and completely shocked.

And then, with tears welling in my eyes and my heart in my throat I fled the room, out into the carpark, past JJ's car and into the woods behind the venue.

I was sobbing so hard that tears blurred my eyes and I couldn't see where I was going and although I heard the boys calling for me I didn't stop. I only halted when I tripped over a tree branch in my blind flight and face planted onto the mossy floor, harsh sobs choking at my throat.

JJ caught up to me first. He had seen me running past his car and had given chase, bundling me into his arms like a toddler and just held me close, plastering kisses to my cheek until the other boys caught up, breathless, and told him what had happened.

To my surprise it wasn't only the Sidemen that had followed me out, there was every member of the Pack as well, including Mitch, his crown in his hand.

Every one of them looked furious, Lachlan kicked at a tree and Jerome was swearing under his breath. I didn't understand why until Jerome crouched down beside me.

"We heard rumours of the school voting a guy as prom queen as a joke but I didn't think they'd take it this far. I'm so sorry." He squeezed my arm and then backed up, giving JJ and I some space and some air.

After a few minutes my sobs subsided and I pulled my head out of JJ's shoulder, hiccupping miserably.

"Do you wanna go home now babe?" I nodded, wiping my eyes.

He stood up and dropped me to the ground, taking my hand and leading me back to the car. The others all stood by, clearly unsure what to do, but I gave them a reassuring but strained and wobbly smile, assuring them that I would be fine.

"I'll be okay." I mumbled, sniffling. "Talk to you tomorrow?"

The boys all nodded and Preston looked around for a few seconds before digging something out of his back pocket. It looked like a receipt and out with it came the tiny stub of a pencil, clearly many years old and barely 5 centimetres long. He quickly scribbled something on the back of it.

"Those are our phone numbers, text us in the morning okay? We wanna know if you're okay." I nodded and took the paper, tucking it into my phone case.

"Thanks." And with that I slipped into the passenger seat, JJ clambering into the front, and we drove off.

At his house he stopped before we reached the front door, JJ holding out his hand so I turned to him.

"Are you sure you're okay? You were really upset." I nodded.

"I'm fine JJ." I sighed, rubbing my brow. "Just tired I think. I'll be alright in the morning." He leaned in and kissed me gently.

"Good, cause even if it's a joke to them, you're my queen."

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