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Vikk's P.O.V.

JJ took my hand, kissing the top of it as he tried to be romantic. I slapped him away playfully, smiling as he wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me down the path, just happy that we were together again after several weeks of being apart.

We didn't get to see each other often, not with being from different school and with the restrictions my parents put on me I couldn't go out often, so JJ had to sneak around to see me. My parents didn't approve of him, he was the bad boy who cared more about sports and popularity than grades, making them think that he was a bad influence on me.

What they did see, however, was the times we spent together, over the phone or in person. They didn't see the texts or the calls that we sent from either end at 3am when I couldn't sleep, the times we spent curled up together when we could see each other and the love he sent my way when I needed it the most.

He supported me through my time at school, because I was part of the outcasts of the school. My group of friends had named each other the Sidemen, 5 of my closest friends who were all completely different, complete idiots and brilliant people.

JJ and them helped me through the bullying when I forced out as gay to the school by someone I thought was a friend, and protected me from the violence that occasionally came with it. It was mostly teasing, name calling across the classroom but it occasionally got pretty bad, sometimes even physical.

At the school there was also a group of boys called the Pack, who were the popular ones of our year. Some of them were really sweet, they never bullied me or anything, but I had never interacted with them much because of my status.

The Pack was made up of 5 boys, all really cute and handsome and they had all of the girls swooning over them, despite the fact that they were all single. There was Lachlan, the tall, blonde Australian exchange student, Preston, the boy with the thick Texan drawl even though he wasn't actually Texan, Rob, the only one in the school who had decent facial hair, Jerome, the known heartbreaker, and Mitch. The only one who I had really talked to and the most popular of them all.

He had come to me after one really bad bout of bullying, I was crying on the stairs outside of class because I couldn't bear to stay in the classroom any longer. He came and sat on the stairs beside me and handed me his phone, he had seen mine being taken off me during English that morning because I had been texting JJ.

"Call your boy. I know how you feel, I was forced out too." I stared at him after his revelation. He placed his finger to his lips. "It's your secret to keep, but I trust you."

He then left me on the stairs with his phone in my hand and I never spoke to him again. He approached me after school and held out his phone, silently asking for his phone back, and that was the last time I ever interacted with him.

"Vikk!!!" Tobi called, running at me and jumping up onto my shoulders. I managed to stay upright but I fought my way out, giggling as some of the others started running around too, with far too much energy in their systems. "You got your suit ready?"

I nodded. All of us were wearing plain black suits with a different coloured tie, a bit of an inside joke between us because the colour of our tie was the colour of the car we used during group GTA races. Mine was yellow.

All of us were single so for this prom we were just going as a friend group, planning to just hang out and have a bit of fun before going around to Simon's house for the night. Because JJ was a year older than all of us he had just finished school so wasn't going to any prom.

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