Vampires- The Pack OT6

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Preston's P.O.V.

Vikk rubbed his eyes tiredly, smiling a little, showing his teeth. He was showing his fangs and I did the same, pushing my finger against one of them and wincing when the sharp point dug into my skin. I didn't like the fangs, I didn't like to have to hide them. I didn't like hiding myself away.

"Morning Pressy." Vikk mumbled, crawling closer to me and nestling himself in my chest. He was still tired and we were the only two people left in the massive bed, all 4 of our partners having gotten up much earlier to have breakfast.

"Morning to you too Vikky." I ran my hand through his hair and smiled, feeling him nuzzle his nose into my neck. I pulled down the neck of his shirt and sighed when I saw the tiny two point bite just above his collarbone, just like the one on my own neck, that marked us as vampires. It marked us as different.


Something was very wrong. My vision was blurred and barely had control over my body, my legs were moving me around the house without my input and it was like I was watching myself from a third person point of view, not in control anymore.

"Preston?" My body turned and I saw Lachlan, his shoulders slumped, clearly exhausted. My body stepped closer and I saw a flash of confusion in Lachlan's sky blue eyes. Why wasn't I talking to him? Why was I acting so creepily. "You okay?"

Suddenly I was thrown back into my body and I was looking at Lachlan through my own eyes, but I still had no control. I took a step towards him and this time I saw him falter, stepping away with his hands held up in front of his chest.

I knew what was going to happen before it did. Lachlan was weak, he was tired and couldn't fight back, even if he was taller than me and if he was at his full strength he could easily fight me off. But he wasn't. And if I attacked him, I would win.

My body launched at him and knocked him to the ground, stifling his scream before it could even begin. With one hand I pinned his arms up above his head and with the other I covered his mouth, but it wasn't me that was doing it. I still had no control.

And then, even when I was internally screaming for myself to stop, I leaned over and sunk my fangs into his neck, drawing blood. I felt him scream in pain and desperately try to fight me, but even within a few seconds his eyes were flickering closed as I sucked the blood from the wound in his neck.

He fell completely limp within a minute, his eyes staring blankly up to the ceiling and his chest stopped moving, meaning it was complete. The two point wound on his neck was still bleeding sluggishly.

"PRESTON!!!" Someone screamed and suddenly I was thrown back into third person, I wasn't watching the scene from my own eyes. but rather from above.

Vikk rushed to my side and dragged my body away from Lachlan, his eyes going rapidly between Lachlan and I. He left me and crouched down beside the younger boy, listening for a pulse, a heartbeat, breathing, anything. There was nothing.

"Preston!! Did you turn him or did you kill him!!?" He shrieked, running to me and shaking my shoulders. My body didn't react, staring off into the distance. "Shit..." He whispered, looking into my eyes. "Preston are you there? That- that wasn't you... this isn't you..."

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