Chapter Twelve

We're in a deep kiss when i heard the door knob jiggle. Niall and I quickly jumped apart as Louis walked in.

"Hey, guys. We were wondering-" he stopped and looked at us. I looked perfectly fine, Niall on the other hand was red as a tomato. "What's going on here?" he gestured between the two of us.

"Nothing." I said. "We were just..."

"Hanging out." me and Niall said and the same time. Lately that had been the answer to everything.

"You two were kissing weren't you?" he said. A cheesy grin appearing on his face.

"Kissing? What? We, we not kissing. We were watching a film. Kissing? What?" I attempted to convince him, but failed miserably.

"What movie? The telly isn't even on." he pointed behind him. Me and Niall both looked at the t.v and he was right.

"That's's over. Duh." Niall tried. Had to give him credit for trying.

"You two were snogging! Aww I knew it." he said.

We all looked at each other and bursted out laughing.

"What were you asking before?" I asked.

"Nothing. You two love birds just enjoy yourselves." he winked before leaving.

Me and Niall looked at eachother and started laughing.

"I believe we were caught Mr. Horan." I said. We began laughing again.

He brushed a strand of hair from my face looking into my eyes. His eyes were unbelievable. You could get lost in the blueness of them really easily. It's was mesmerizing.

"We better go see what he wanted." I said.

"Yeah. We should." he said. I got up off the couch pulling him up. He took my hand in his. Before we opened the door he quickly pecked me on the lips. I smiled.


We walked into Liam and Louis' bedroom. Them along with Eleanor was in deep conversation but immediately shut up when we walked in.

"Louis you told them?!" I shouted immediately knowing why they shut up.

"I couldn't help it!" he replied back.

"Well don't tell Harry." I said.

"Why?" They all asked.

"Because he needs to hear it from me." I explained, "Not Louis when he's gossiping worse than a school girl."

"We understand." Liam and Eleanor agreed.

"I do not gossip worse than a school girl!" Lou defended. "I gossip just as much as a school girl." We all laughed.

"Seriously guys, I need to be the one to tell Harry." I said after we all silenced.

"Tell me what?" Harry said walked into the room. He came to a stop looking at me an Niall. I looked down noticing our hands were linked.

"So you feel nothing between you and me but you feel something between you and Niall?" he questioned.

"Oh, would you look at the time. It time for us to go." Liam said motioning for Lou and El. "Come on Niall."


"They need to talk." Liam said. Niall looked at me.

"It's okay, I'll be fine." I said before pecking him on the cheek. It was just me and Harry then.