Day 10

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Jack woke up to find himself back in the hospital room, shaking in fright. That night's memory fresh in his troubled mind.

He sniffed the cold morning air, starting to hallucinate. He was back in the cabin, he didn't need to close his eyes. His mind had placed him back, waiting for Matt to return that cold, dark day. Almost an hour had passed simultaneously in Jack's parallel worlds. His anxiety grew deeper. Matt's voice rang in his ears. "In case Brandon and Clare return". He could hear the shrill scream of the wind and wondered if he'd be able to hear Matt call out.

Enough was enough. He couldn't handle sitting around waiting anymore. He ripped himself off the bed and scrambled to the door. His shaking cold hands reached for the knob and pulled at the heavy door with every ounce of energy he had left. Then, he walked out into the blinding snow towards the trees. He had a feeling Matt hadn't listened.

He screamed out Matt's name at the top of his lungs, and wondered whether Matt could hear him. He couldn't even hear himself over the hauling wind. He heard his own name being called out, and turned to see the dark figure of the cabin. He stared at it, something was unusual. Jack marched on into the wood, bumping into branches.

"Mr. Harrison!" the familiar name rang in his ears as he collided with a tree. "Mr. Harrison, you shouldn't be walking" he heard a soft female voice order. He felt himself being gently shaken by his shoulders but saw no arms. "Mr. Harrison, you are strictly asked for forty eight hours bed rest".

Slowly, Jack reeled back, finding himself standing amidst a group of nurses in a white corridor. "Mr. Harrison, please. I must take you back to your room". A nurse grabbed a wheel chair and helped him into it. She then wheeled him back to his room and into bed.

"I could have saved him" Jack whispered from a trance.

The nurse stared at him sympathetically. "There was nothing else you could've done".

Jack looked at her for the first time and really saw her. "I should have gone to look for him earlier. He wouldn't have hit his head. I had warned him. I told him not to leave the cabin".

"Go where?" she asked curiously. The mystery surrounding Matt's untimely death had so far gone unanswered.

"He wanted to get more wood".

* * *

"Excuse me. My name is Henry Richards," a tall gray-haired man with a slight English accent said, leaning over the reception. "I'm here to meet Miss Peterson. Clare Peterson, that is". The suited man straightened his posture and smiled warmly.

Joyce looked up, putting down the pen she was writing with. "What relation might you have with the patient?"

"I'm her uncle" Henry hesitated a moment.

"Let me check. I don't want to disturb her if she is resting", Joyce smiled and swiftly walked to Clare's room. She didn't want to leave the station unattended for too long. "This way".

Joyce eased the door open and peered inside. Clare was awake and lost in thought. "Clare, someone's here to see you".

Clare sat up, almost hoping it was Brandon, but Henry Richards stuck his slim neck in.

"It's your uncle" added Nurse Joyce.

Slightly disappointed, but relieved to see another friendly face, Clare grinned. "Hi, Uncle Henry".

"Well, I'll leave you to it". Joyce looked at Henry and left.

Henry approached Clare's bed. "How are you?" his voice quivered.

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