Chapter 84

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***Mature! Read at your own risk***
This is also my first time writing something like this so it might not be exactly what you were hoping for but I'll try. (:

The flickering light from the candles highlighted the planes of his face and chest, giving him a ethereal look

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The flickering light from the candles highlighted the planes of his face and chest, giving him a ethereal look. His eyes, darkening in color, did not faze me as they used to. Anger did not reside in them for it was an overwhelming sense of passion that had caused the blackening to occur. His movements were slow yet precise as he moved forward and placed his hands on my cheeks.

"Are you sure?" He asked, just a hint of green lingering behind. Bringing my hands up to hold his wrists, the bond flowed strongly through us, the air thickening.

"Yes, I'm sure." At my approval, one hand traveled to the back of my neck whilst the other moved to hold my waist. He pulled my head towards him while titling it up, connecting our lips in a searing his. His hand tightened around my waist, the heat emitting from his hand went straight through my thin shirt.  As the kiss grew quicker and more passionate, my hand wound in his hair, needing something to keep me grounded.

Tentatively, he slipped the hand that was holding onto my waist underneath the shirt, trailing across my bare abdomen. Slowly, the tips of his fingers gently traced across the newly accessible skin, testing the waters. At his actions, I tugged on his hair, pulling him closer to me. His other hand then slipped into the unbuttoned shirt as well, tracing invisible patterns on the other side. They both rose higher and higher, skimming lightly across my erect nipples and chest until the rested on the collar. Pushing back the fabric, it rolled over my shoulders until he pushed it down my arms, the fabric now laying on the floor behind me.

He then pulled back from my lips, panting slightly. Keeping his eyes on mine, his hands gripped my waist, picking me up and lying me onto the bed. Lifting me, he pulled me up so that my head was resting on the plush pillows, his body hovering over me.

Pulling him down, his chest pressed deliciously to mine as our lips reconnected. I let out a breathy moan as he shifted, his chest rubbing against my nipples, sending a wave of heat to my core. I was almost embarrassed of my arousal smelled when he let an appreciative growl when he smelled it. His own powerful, musty scent could be distinguished, the testosterone practically leaking from his pores. His own arousal could be felt swelling on my upper thigh, making my core burn even more.

Pulling away from my lips, how own trailed down my neck, paying extra attention to my mark, driving me crazy. Placing searing, open-mouthed kisses on my collar bone, he took one of my perked nipple into my mouth, making me gasp at the sudden pleasure. His other hand trailed upwards, rolling my other nipple between his thumb and pointer finger, making me whimper. I gave out a breathy moan when he switched, giving the same amount of attention to each one.

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