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Three months later
Today was taehyung and jungkooks wedding day three months ago jungkook proposed to taehyung asking him for his hand in marriage

And today january 21 was the day they would tie the not for good

Taehyung was freaking out in his dressing room at the big wedding hall whilst jungkook sat in his suit with three buttons undone still

Taehyung finally had calmed down he yet had to change but first he needed a kiss from jungkook to calm his nerves even a talk of how great today would be

Taehyung walked over to the other side of the floor to go find jungkooks room they were on the top floor were now they were just in there normal bug suits but later they would enter their married suit when they have tied the not

As taehyung entered jungkook room he rested his arm against the wall staring at his lover not being able to tie up his own tie jungkook saw taehyung in the back and said

"hey baby what you doing here"

Taehyung replied with "just nervous and like panicking so need to see you"

Jungkook said "baby we will tie the not tonight it is scary and in my twenty one years i have never been this nervous"

Taehyung walked to jungkook so close and said "here let me do yur tie"

Jungkook gladly accepted his offer once taehyung had done it he looked at jungkook their eyes met and both leaned in but before they could kiss cock block jimin came in saying "TAEHYUNG YUR SUI-"

He stopped when he saw the scene and said sorry and that taehyung should come and get changed he walked out after he said that

Taehyung said "i should go get ready"

Jungkook nodded taehyung walked to the door but a pair of lips stopped him those belonging to jungkook he gladly kissed back it was passionate not heated once they both lost their breath they broke of the kiss staring at each other

Jungkook smirked "now your ready i know why you came here baby"

Taehyung blushed saying bye and left

Once he entered his room jimin told him to put on his suit and the hair and make up will be here once

One hour later

*Watch this video then yu will know how they all looked*

Taehyung waited to be let aloud into the hall the music started and bealhyun was like taehyung parent in all of this so he walked taehyung down the isle

Taehyung walked down people bowing at him he gave them a wave as he had made it up to jungkook

Jungkook helped him by giving out his hand to his taheyung gladly took it and as he stood there beakhyun and jimin om taehyung side whilst yoongi on jungkooks side the rest of the people were sat to there side were exo family and friend on one side and bts family and friends on the other

The priest said
"Do you take kim taehyung as your lawful wedded husband, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and cherish until death do you part?"

Jungkook said "i do"

The priest criied om saying the sameto taehyung "Do you take jeon jungkook as your lawful wedded husband, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and cherish until death do you part?"

Taehyung smiled back at jungkook saying "i do"

Priest spoke saying "now for the vows"

Jungkook started saying "Taehyung were can i start from the day i met you we were only freshman in high school you smiled your cute boxy smile that was the moment i knew i had to protect you from every bad thing you were the innocent one in the group you didn't know that ome day i was to become a mafia leader i was given a choice to either let you in that cold dark world or let you go to live a nice happy one were it wouldn't distroy you i knew the consequences of you being part of the world which were awful but my stupid self never asked you it only made the choice for you so i let you go in a cruel way which i will regret till the day i die when i saw you again it had been years we both had grown and i thought you were kidnapped i threatened to kill V if he wouldn't tell me were they put you but then when i saw you behind the mask i saw a different person but what right did i have to judge you when i did the same to many people and i still could get lost in your beautiful brown orbs and i still saw you as a cute adorable person assassin or not you will always be mine and i will always love you"

Jungkook slipped the ringer on Taehyung finger

Taehyung wiped his tears

Taehyung said "jeon jungkook the day i met you i fell for you even if I didn't know anything about you but your name i knew i wanted to be with you time passed by i fell for you more and more by the second then that fear full day came the day you had ended it the day i was rescued by Beakhyun in a way i thank you for that break up because if it didn't happen i would have never met my real family i would have been stuck with the horrible step parents i had
The years went by my life without you i was miserable in the beginning but my freinds and family gor me through that to the man i am today when we met again I feared what would come i did my best to hide who i was the day we had got back together was the nest we both grew in many ways amd I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with you my cute bunny teethed kookie"

The priest said "as of now i stage kim taehyung and jeon jungkook are lawfully wedded husband's you may now kiss your husband

jumgkook spinned taehyung kissing him

As they waljed put of the room flowers were thrown om them they both got imto
The other hall the dancing and food hall both took their seat

The night went on both had a amazing night both loved it

And both had an amazing time in their bed🌚

The emd

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