Seminars and orange scarfs

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"Good afternoon, everyone

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"Good afternoon, everyone." My professor greeted as he entered the classroom. He put down his messenger bag on the table in front of the digital blackboard and started unpacking. Mindlessly I kept chewing the red liquorish I had bought in the twenty minutes that I'd been sitting in the canteen waiting for class to start. Luckily – or stupidly; depending on the way you look at it – I still had some homework to finish for this seminar anyway so I spent my time doing just that. But what's the point of making homework without something sweet to motivate you?

"OK, so, I was driving down the road last night when a squirrel suddenly jumped in front of my car to cross the road and it scared the shit out of me. I almost crashed my car and had to pull over." My friend Lenna let herself slump into the chair beside me and leaned with her arms on top of the bag she'd put on the table.

"Hello to you too." I said as I pulled on the tough liquorish with my teeth. "Sorry, I'd been dying to tell you and I tried calling but you didn't answer, as so often happens." Lenna said. I just shrugged as I finally started unpacking my bag. I pulled out my laptop and notebook and soon realized I forgot my pencil case. Good thing I brought my grandmothers pen.

"It's not my fault my parents decided to move to an area with no cell service. The trees get in the way of the signal I guess." I answered Lenna eventually.

"It's just annoying when there's an emergency and we can't reach you." She replied.

"I can hardly call a squirrel running in front of your car an emergency, Lenna." I said rolling my eyes as I pulled the golden pen from the front pocket of my schoolbag.

"I'm just saying, what if you are really in an emergency?" She said with a sigh and turned to me after unpacking her own bag. The professor announced that he was starting the seminar.

"We still have a landline, Len. And you can just text me whenever. When I'm home I have internet and use WhatsApp web. You know all that." I whispered to Lenna.

"Laptops away people, I don't want you all to be distracted. I want to eliminate the possibility of anyone looking at clothes or shoes while I'm teaching." A collective annoyed mumble filled the room as everyone packed away their laptop.

"It's just- It's annoying, OK? I like calling people." Lenna quietly said to me. I gave her half a smile as I shook my head. "Who calls these days?"

"That's exactly my point, T!" I snickered at her words and Lenna smile proudly.

"That's enough, Lenna. Please pay attention. That goes for you too, Thea." The professor calling us out made us shut up and focus on what he was saying. The seminar was really boring. Not because the subject wasn't interesting, but because the professor was a bore. He didn't know how to teach properly and had the most boring and monotone voice once he started explaining something. And he cracked the worst jokes. I picked up the pen again that I had put down on the table, to doodle some random things in my notebook. A tingling ran through my fingers when they made contact with the pen and a shiver ran over the length of my spine from my neck down to my lower back. I suddenly felt very fussy in my head and my eyes burned from the fatigue that took a hold of me. I let my head lean on my hand and my eyes fluttered shut.

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