You see him cry

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Leondre- You had just got back from work. Usually Leo would run up to you and give you a big hug but today he didnt. You thought maybe he didnt hear you come in. "Leo im home". Still no answer. Thats when you heard someone crying in your and Leos shared bedroom. Once you opened the door your heart instantly broke. Leondre was sat on the bed with red puffy eyes. You had never seen Leo cry before and it honestly broke your heart into a million pieces. "Leo...honey whats wrong" you asked whilst sitting beside him. "Do you love me" he asked, ignoring your question. "Of coarse i do..why would you even doubt that" you said. "Because lots of fans have sent me some photos of you and a guy walking the streets. Have you cheated on me y/n?" he asked, looking straight into your eyes. "No i havent Leo and that boy was my cousin" you said laughing abit at the end. "Of thank god" he whispered before pulling you into a hug. All night you just ate icecream and watched movies.

Charlie- "Charlie im home" you yelled to your husband. "In the bedroom" he yelled back. Once you got to the bedroom you heard faint crys. Realising they must be Charlies you ran in. "Charlie whats wrong" you whispered whilst pulling him into a hug. "My Cousins dead" was all he said. You didnt know what to say. All you knew is that you had to be there for him. "Charlie...everything will get better i promise, i know how it feels to lose someone your close feels like your whole world has just crashed and that nothing will get better but trust me, it does" you said, tears slipping down your cheek. You had never seen him cry before and honestly it broke your heard into a million pieces. "Thankyou y/n, for everything" he said looking into your eyes. "Its ok, now how does a pizza and movies sound" you asked him. "That sounds perfect" he said, gently kissing your lips.

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