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Mariah wasn't just your ordinary female. She loved deeper than anyone had ever seen. She had a hard time finding anyone would accept her being in a motorcycle club.  Everyone looked to the Sons, to protect the town of charming. Usually no female is aloud to join, but she took the club seriously, and gave them the ultimatum, either she joins the club, or she makes her own. Soon Clay came to his senses and let her be a member, not a prospect, but a member.

Don't get it wrong, shes had multiple boyfriends. But mainly one of the guys scared him off, either Jax, or her brother Opie. Mariah was and always has been in love with Jackson Teller, Vice President and Prince of Charming, Since as long as she can remember. With her brother and Jax being best friends, he was always around. But him being 2 years older, everyone thought she was just his best friend, which she is, but she's always saw him more than a best friend. But she never wanted to be selfish with him. She loves him so much, she would rather him have a life outside of the club, rather than him being with her, and being stuck in the life. Because he always dreamt of leaving Charming, but she knows it wont happen.

Through ups and downs, Jax has always noticed Mariah. She's been there when his youngest son was born. The night he drank his life away when he found out that his ex wife and baby momma, Wendy, had shot up while pregnant and rushed into an Emergency C-section. She was there when he shot someone for the very first time. She was there when he got to bring Abel home. She was there in high school where his now girlfriend Tara Knowles, broke his heart for the very first time, and now since he's been back with her, Mariah has kept her opinion known, but respects that he loves Tara, and Mariah loves his son.

Soon enough something major is going to happen, and it'll change everyone's lives. Especially her family. Jax is the only one she will confide in. And she will soon admit the feelings that she has for him. Jax becomes shocked, but accepts the fact his best friend is in love with him. And when Mariah starts to distance herself, Jax becomes worried. But soon will admit his own feelings, and change his own life.

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