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Welcomeee to another book!

This book will have cross dressing!! If you don't like it don't read I'm not in the mood for your shit.

Anyways hope y'all enjoy. I'm going to introduce everyone in this chapter


Suho- leader is their 'group'. 18 years old. Likes to sing and dance.
Lay- leaders boyfriend. Also likes to sing and dance. 17 years old.
Chanyeol- 17 years old. Likes to rap and sing. Tall af. Deep voice. After Baekhyun
Kai- 17 years old. Likes to sing, rap, but most of all loves to dance. Has a great body. After Sehun.
Kyungsoo- satansoo. Evil. 18 years old. Likes to sing. Has a great voice.
Xuimin- oldest of the group. You'd think he was the youngest. Likes to sing and dance.
Chen- dinosaur. Fake maknaes boyfriend. Dinosaur. Has an amazing voice.
Sehun- maknae. 15 almost 16. Great dancer and rapper. In the group of bad boys. Honestly hot af.
Baekhyun- vocals on point. Dancing on point. What can't he do? Part of the mysterious group. Always has a mysterious vibe to him but transforms when he's performing


B.I- leader of their 'group.' Part of the bad boys. 16 years old. Changed a lot since last year. Bomb ass rapper and dancer. Can be sexy af.
Bobby- the leaders sexy ass boyfriend. Bunny smile. Fire rapper. They make a good couple. 17 years old.
Jinhwan- oldest of the group. Part of the sassy group. Has an attitude from hell. 17 years old. Good singer and dancer. Small but don't tell him that or he will literally kill you.
June- loud annoying tree but he's loved. Literally loud af. Great singer. Weird af. Jinhwan often wonders why he loves him. 17.
Dk- main dancer or the group. Fashionista. 16
Song- cutie. Great voice. 16
Chanwoo- maknae. Savage. Can be cute. 15


Seungcheol- father of the group. Daddy energy. Dating a literal angel. Rapper. Dancer. Can we say daddy again? 18
Jeonghan- literal angel but part of the sassy group. The sass is real. How can ones hair be so amazing. Great voice. Mother of the group. 17
Joshua- American boy. a literal angel. The sweetest thing ever. Part of the good boys. Voice of an angel. Cutie. 16
DK- dating the angel. Loud. Tall. Great voice. Funny af. 17
Jun- China line. Cute but also loud. Great voice. Great dancer. Dating the cute mysterious boy who could probably kill you. 17
Minghao- China linethe cute mysterious boy who could probably kill you. Honestly a badass. Great voice. Great dancer. Great at martial arts. 16
Hoshi- funny af. Great dancer. Great voice. The cutest hamster.  Dating the tiny one who will kill you if you call him that. 18
Jihoon- the tiny one who will kill you if you called him that. Musical genius. Great rapper, dancer, and singer. He can do everything like jeez. 17
Wonwoo- emo mysterious boy. Always looks hot af.  Actually a whole sweetheart if you get to know him.17
Mingyu- loud puppy. Dating the hot mysterious boy. Good rapper and dancer. Cute af but tall af. Like how. 17
Vernon- bomb rapper. Radiates top energy but is a total bottom behind closed doors. Great rapper. American boy.
Seungkwan- radiates bottom energy but is a total top behind closed doors. Great singer and dancer.
Chan- maknae. Cutie with a booty. Jeongcheol are his parents. He is jeonghans baby for another 15 years. Great dancer and singer. 15


JB- leader of the group. Dating a cutie. Vocals on point. Chic and sexy. 18
Youngjae- the cutie. Vocals on point. Actual visual. Loves coco. 17
Mark- oldest but a small bean who needs to be protected at all costs. Can be a sexy bad boy at times. Rap game on point. An actual baby boy. 18
Jinyoung- Mom of the group but radiates daddy energy. Vocal and rap game on point. 18
Jackson- loud af. Extra af. Killing the rap game. Sexy af. But can be a cute baby boy. 17
Bambam- baddie. Sexy af. Legs for days. Rap game on point. Killing the dance game. Did we mention sexy? Cause damn. 16
Yugyeom- maknae. Giant maknae. Only younger than bam by a few months. Dance machine. Vocals on point. Did we mention dance machine? 16


Onew- oldest and leader. Vocals are on fucking point. Dad jokes are awful. But he's sweet. Somehow manages to deal with a sassy monster. 20 already graduated.
Key- the sassy monster. Sexy af. Diva. Fashionista. Dance and vocals. Did I mention sassy? Savage. 18 (what he likes older men)
Minho- deep voice. Dating the maknae who everyone is jealous of. Athletic af. 18
Taemin- maknae. Wanted by everyone. Dancing is fucking amazing. Vocals are on point. Sexy af. Did we mention dancing because omg. And his body is out of this world. Least mysterious of the mysterious boys. 16


Taeyong- talented stressed mother of 15. Leader of the group. Talented in everything literally. 18
Jaehyun- dating the stressed mother. Talented vocalist and dancer. 18
Doyoung- bunny. Vocals on point. Dating the grandpa. 18
Taeil- the grandpa. Oldest of the group. Vocals on point. Like damn high notes. 18
Kun- China line. Visuals on point. Only single one. Hot as fuck. 17
Johnny- Oh Daddy. Tall as fuck. Like taller than mingyu. A whole ass tree. Rapper. Daddy. 18 American boy
Ten- Thai line DANCE KING. BODY GOALS. vocals on point. Rap game=killing it. He's just good at everything. Like don't touch me. 17
Yuta- Japanese line. Vocals and dance. Radiates daddy energy. Dating the sweetest most innocent angel. 18
Winwin- China line. Sweetest most innocent angel. Good boy group. Dance king. Flexible af. 17
Mark- Canadian boy. Rap king. Somehow handles the sassiest of the sassy group. 16
Haechan- sassiest of the sassy group. Vocals and dance on point. Don't mess with him. Goes through things he doesn't show. 15
Lucas- China line loud tree. Deep ass voice. Rap game on point. Visual=killing it. Dating an angel. 16
Jungwoo- an angel. Vocals on point. Cutie with a booty. Sweetest thing ever. 16
Renjun- China line. Sassy. Cute af. Vocals on point. 15
Jaemin- daddy energy. Rap game. Dance game. 15
Jeno- least bad boy of the bad boy group. Killing the game. Flexible af. 15
Chenle- China line. Vocals on point. Loud af. 15
Jisung- maknae of the maknaes. Dance king. Cute. Quiet. 14

So many introductions😂😂 next chapter is going to be the first day back for the 'bad boys' then the next will be 'good boys' then 'sassy boys' then 'mysterious boys'

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