Chapter 9

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"Moving on doesn't mean we end up forgetting certain things. Instead we have to understand that what happened has happened and continue living."

The Badboy and The Tomboy, Nikki20038

By the time Jonah and Chase got back Mina had fallen asleep again, this time on top of me.

"Hey, I got you a vanilla iced latte and an all day breakfast muffin from Starbucks." Jonah holds up the bag with the green logo on it.

"Thanks, could one of you take her so I can eat?" I say quietly, gesturing to the five year old sleeping peacefully on top of me, not wanting to wake her.

"I'll take her, you two eat." Chase lifts Mina, taking my place on the bed, his little sister cuddled into his side.

"Thank you," I take my coffee and muffin from Jonah, sitting back in one of the hospital arm chairs.

"Lissa's on her way up." Chase looks down at his phone with a small smile, they are such a cute couple.

"Did she get off work early then?" Jonah asks.

"Yeah, she told them there was a family emergency. I never knew that excuse actually worked." Chase laughed quietly so as not to wake Mina.

"Yeah, until you use it like everyday. Logan did that and then got called out on it." I roll my eyes. "They figured out that his family emergencies were always when he had double Chem." I laugh lightly at the stupidity, and lack of enthusiasm for chemistry, of my older brother.

"Haha, that's a good one, I always had a migraine for English." Chase laughed.

"I hated Maths." Jonah shakes his head, pulling a face at the mention of the subject.

"I have to agree with you there, and physics, I could never understand that. I loved Biology though." I nod my head in agreement with Jonah.

Melissa walks into the room, "Hey guys," she greets me and Jonah.

"Hey babe, how is she?" She kisses Chase on the cheek before taking the space on the bed the other side of Mina, it's clear how much everyone cares for her.

"She's fine, a few stitches to the bump on her head but she's more concerned about the Elsa sticker she got." Chase points out the sticker on Mina's PJ top with a soft chuckle.

"Aw, that's so cute." She looks down at the little girl, gently stroking her hair back off of her sleeping face.

I pull out my phone to check I've not missed any messages and find that it's dead, I must have forgotten to charge it last night. Oops.

"What time is it?" I ask.

"11:30, Mum and dad should be back in about an hour or so. I know they'll be eager to get back." Jonah replies, suddenly sounding tired.

"Yeah, especially considering she didn't want to leave at all in the first place!" I laugh.

"We practically had to force her out the door. I think if Jordyn hadn't of been here she wouldn't have gone." Jonah rolls his eyes as he tells Chase.

"That's understandable, I wouldn't want to leave my kid in the hospital." Melissa speaks up.

"Yeah, but I'm here and I'm the best brother ever, I've even got a trophy that says so!" Jonah boasts.

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