Chapter 2

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1 month later, Lauren's pov

"I'm sorry but we are doing everything that we can to help save you." The doctor said.

I nodded my head slightly and held the bridge of my nose to try ; keep calm and not break down. "Can you give me a minute?" I asked.

"Of course," the doctor stood up from the chair with a grunt and straighten up his jacket. "Just give us call if you need anything." He said with a small smile before heading towards the door to leave.

"I need you to go and be with the kids since I can't come home right now." I told Dave a few minutes after the doctor left out of the room.

"I just need to get myself together.." I trailed off and motioned with my hand. He nodded and continued rubbing his hands up and down my sides.

"You gon' be good Pooh." He rested his forehead against mine for a few minutes before he kissed my lips and pulled back.

Dave's pov

"What the fuck took you so long Boobie?" I asked as she finally walked into the bedroom. I called her ass 10 minutes ago.

"I was on the toilet." She answered then we both started snickering. "You better had sprayed some damn air freshener, you shittin' me?" I scrunched my face up because the bathroom probably was on ten.

"Yeah cause the last time it was stankin'." DJ blurted out making everybody laugh loudly.

"You's a fool."

"First of all that wasn't me, that was daddy."

"Mhm because mama shol' said that yo bowels be messed up all the time from eating that junk food." Dior interjected with perched lips. Didn't nobody ask her shit.

"Is mommy coming, is she come home tomorrow?!" Amour little voice called out after she paused and waited for us to all stop talking and laughing.

Everybody turned their attention on me and waited for me to answer. This was the reason why I called them all in here, I needed to update them on Pooh.

I gave Amour a small smile and held my hand out for her to come to me. "That's what I gotta talk to y'all about." I announced and picked up her from the bed since she was standing up walking trying to get to me.

I sighed and ran a hand down my face because this shit was stressful and especially to lay it down on the kids.

"Mommy not comin' home any time soon. It's going to be a little later." I started off.

"Why?" Amir asked with a deep frown on his face. I ran my tongue over my lips before answering a few seconds later. "Because she's not feeling any better."

"What's gonna happen if she doesn't feel better?" Knowledge asked next and I looked and seen that he was on the verge of snapping.

"She um," I paused and exhaled again trying to think of how I can explain this to them as best as I could without breaking down in front of them. They needed me right now. "She may have to go with the Angels." I glanced at all of their faces and they all looked heart broken.

"The Angels?!" Amour gasped from my lap with her hands covering her cheeks.

"So you sayin' she's gonna die?! My mama is going to die?!" Knowledge's voice boomed throughout the room and it made Amour and Amir jump in my lap.

I was a little shocked myself because he's never gotten that pissed before and his voice ain't never been that deep.

"Oh my gosh," Dior whimpered with tears filling up her eyes quickly then falling down her face.

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