Coffee Date

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Rebecca spun around in front of the mirror for the fifth time. She didn't like anything that she had tried on and she had to leave in ten minutes if she didn't want to be late.

The red floral dress with ruffles on the sleeves and bottom of the skirt was going to have to work. The neckline was a V- cut that showed just enough cleavage to be cute but didn't show too much that Vincent would think that she was trying to look cute just for him. She tied the strings that were on the corset-like belt and went in search for the black strappy sandal heels that she had stolen from Joni, they were perfect. Finding them under her bed, she slipped them on and buckled the strap around each ankle and headed for the door. Grabbing her bag with work clothes on her way.

The cab stopped in front of the coffee shop and Rebecca took a deep breath. Why was she nervous? "I don't know, lady, but its $12.75," said the cab driver. Rebecca realized that she said that out loud and blushed.

"Sorry," she said handing him the money and getting out of the cab. She brushed her hands over her dress. It didn't need to really be smoothed down, but it was helping her calm her nerves. Taking a deep breath, she walked into the shop with a fake air of confidence around her. She scanned the room and noticed a man in the corner that looked close to what her fuzzy memories of Vincent were. She put a smile on her lips and walked towards him.

As she reached the table, Vincent saw her and stood up. "Rebecca," he said holding his hand out to her to shake.

"Vincent," she shook his hand.

"I didn't order yet," he told her, "what would you like?" He asked her pulling his wallet from the inside pocket of his suit jacket.

Rebecca raised an eyebrow at him, "Um... I asked you to meet me remember. The whole point of this was so I could repay you for your kindness. You are not paying," she said walking towards the counter. "What do you want?" She asked over her shoulder.

Vincent followed her and looked at her as she gave her drink order to the barista. She was beautiful. She wasn't beautiful like the women he normally dated. She was a different kind. The kind that you could be proud to have on your arm. The kind that when you walked in the room everyone looked at and spent the rest of the night watching trying to figure out exactly what it was about her that had caught their eye. "Vincent. Are you going to order?" Rebecca's voice brought him out of his thoughts.

"Sorry, just black coffee and a scone," he said sending a smile to the barista who in turn, bushed a deep shade of red. He turned to Rebecca, "why don't you go sit and I will bring the drinks." He held up his hand to stop her when she opened her mouth to protest, "let me do something somewhat manly," he smiled. Rebecca nodded her head and laughed before walking to the table he had been sitting at when she had arrived.

As she sat down she heard her phone ding and she looked to see that she had gotten a text from Joni, rolling her eyes she opened the text:

Has he asked you out yet????

Rebecca shook her head and laughed as she hit the button to turn the screen off and put her phone back in her purse. Adjusting herself so she was sitting up in the chair properly, she saw Vincent walking to the table with their coffees followed by the barista with his scone. She felt a little bit of possessiveness deep in her gut, but she pushed it away. She had no claim on him and she couldn't blame the girl. He was gorgeous. She was almost certain he had to be a model if not, he most defiantly was the guy dating all of them. She looked up at him as he stopped beside the table and handed her the coffee. "Thank you."

"No thank you," Vincent said sitting down across from her. He turned and took his scone from the girl who was standing beside the table with a look of hope. Hope that he would notice and think of her as more than the girl who got him his coffee. "Thanks," he took the scone and turned back to Rebecca. The girl's face fell before she covered it with a smile quickly, but not quick enough that Rebecca didn't catch it. "So, Rebecca, what is it you do?" Vincent asked her as he took a small bite of his scone. The scones were the main reason that he came to this place the coffee wasn't anything special but the scones reminded him of his first trip to the UK and that was his favorite trip he had ever taken.

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