chapter 11. wild fantasies.

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it had been a long day at work... trooming around... crafting and shit.

in conclusion, i was exhausted

as i rode the bus home i couldn't scratch the thought of it off my mind.
my precious, beautiful, hot glue dildo.

*4 days earlier*

i had the day off from work due to the holidays, and i was bored out of my mind.
you see, winter holidays are only fun if you have friends or family to spend it with. unfortunately for me, i had no one.

no one but my hot glue gun.

the idea first rose to my mind as i was watching porn, i had longed to experience the pleasure of the thick tentacle shaped monstrous cock inside me. i couldn't afford to buy one myself and i couldn't risk my roommate, curly sue, finding out about my guilty pleasure.

so i did what i was amazingly good at, and crafted myself my own fucking dick.
i tried my hardest to make it as realistic as possible but i longed for it to be bigger and better. as the hot glue piled onto the hardened mold i couldn't help but whimper a submissive moan to myself.

this weekend would be fun.

*present time*

i opened my underwear drawer and lovingly eyed the beautiful dildo. "i've finally come to you, my precious." i whispered seductively to the cock. my mouth began to salivate at the thought of the glue inside me.

i was so impatient that i almost forgot i needed
to set up. my eyes widened in realization and i face palmed myself for almost forgetting.

i got up, my loose pussy flaps dangling freely as i carefully moved the dildo to my dresser before i moved to fix the covers of my minion printed sheets.

once the sheets were fixed and Bob the Minion's face was wrinkle free, i held the dildo on the foot of it carefully. i took out my warm jelly lube to prepare for the stretching.

i still felt an emptiness inside, i knew i was missing something important.

"AHAH!" i snapped my fingers at the sudden revelation, turning to my closet and sifting through the hanging fabric until i saw my very very special, saved only for this occasion, life changing sex outfit.

i took the felt off of the hanger and hurriedly slipped the phineas and ferb onesie on.

"mm, yes..." i mumbled to my reflection in the mirror, sliding my hands down my thighs and into a semi squatting position, puckering pussy lips at the glass. i let out a small moan when my hand brushed against my hardened glue covered nipple.

i was so excited to finally play with my monster. it was going to rock into me and hit all the right places.

i wretched out to it with my hands, shaking with anticipation.

i was so excited! my pussy flaps pulsated and throbbed just with the thought of the monster inside me.

i was drooling, heat was searing at my pelvis like my insides were pigs roasting over a fire. (a/n shoutout to peppa pig ayyy lmao)

the twelve inch, thick, monstrous, tentacle looking, wannabe-real dick was completely clear. i had decorated it with red streaks to help create the illusion of real monster tentacles

it was red like the blood pumping rapidly through my veins and arteries.

red like the strawberry jam i stuck up my ass the night before.

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