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It was the day I hit 7 months. Of being pregnant with David's child.
I was beyond happy.
My pregnancy wasn't even that hard minus the puking and other stuff. It's just, I feel actually myself
I was honestly pretty big. David was out with his friends. I was home with Natalie. She kept telling me How wonderful I was.
"You know David, loves loves loves you more than anyone right.

I know that's what's good about him. I was starting to feel a lil sick. I ran to the bathroom and puked. I wanted turned over to expect David to be there....but he was out with his friends. I was so nervous. I was wondering if David would even come home that night. Or was I acting completely crazy. I miss him so damn much. I walk into the bathroom. Looking at my stomach. And my appearance. Just talking to my baby girl.

I here my phone ringing. I run out to the living area to get it. It had the caller ID of
I answer

"Hey baby, how are you holding up?" I hear David's voice come through the phone.

"Ugh...it's been better. I just really miss you." I say

"I know I do to. But hey. I'm coming home early. I told them that I have a wife and a kid who about to be here." He says

"Well thank you baby." I say

"I'm going to take a nap okay, wake me up when you get here." I say

"Okay baby. I love you b-bye." David says in his cute little voice of his.

"Love you to sweetheart." I say as the call ends.

I walk into me and David's bedroom. I get under the covers. Slightly closing my eyes. It gets darker and darker. And I'm finally peaceful asleep.

David's pov
I walk into the house turning on the lights walking into my bedroom to see holly laying there. Perfectly, asleep. I take this time just to look at her and appreciate everything she has done for me. I love her more than words can explain. No time is good enough with her. I'll just start with forever. I love her so much. I love everything about her. It's like she is the water and I'm the flower. I can't live without her.

"Hey baby, wake up." I say shaking her lightly.
"Hey baby." She says hugging me.
I lift up her shirt to show her bare stomach to feel our child kicking. I smile up at holly. And kiss her. I get under the covers with her and we both fall asleep.

Dreaming about the future

Hello!!!!!!! I will write tomorrow (I will try)
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