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Being cloud must be nice. It's light as feather, flew around without any burden, and cry whenever they want. Having a beautiful light blue as their background. Being so white when they happy and being so dark when they sad. Just cry whenever they want without thinking the living things beneath them that have to taste their tears even if they don't want to. Flew around according to the wind and no one complaints about it.

The squirrels that were playing catch and run on the branches of the tree that stood in front of the window also showed their happiness. They swing their tails without thinking so much. If they like it, they swing it. If they don't, they would just go. All those beautiful scene that happening now were distracted by a paper which tossed by someone. The girl who kept imagining things in front of her tried to look at the person who tried to threw this scrumbled paper to her. It's her bestfriend. She playfully glared at her bestfriend while taking the scrumbled paper to her hands mouthing, "What?"

"I'm hungry." her bestfriend said while pouting and rubbing her belly continously. The girl just shook her head smiling, "Idiot."

As her imagination was nowhere to be seen and felt, she tried to paid her attention to the white board in front of her and toward the teacher. It's history and she doesn't hate it. It's just  the way the teacher lecture them just doesn't match her style. After a couple of minutes trying to paid her attention to the teacher in front, instead she gets sleepy. She started to yawn and rested her head on her left arm that rested relaxly on her desk.

When her head just about to wander around everywhere she doesn't know, suddenly the bell rang, indicating that it's lunch time already, making her jolted her body. Her seatmate beside her just chuckled at her behavior.

"You should pay attention more, third-grader." her seatmate said to her while shooking her head.

"Hm? Nah, I'm fine." the girl said while raising her head up and stretch her body.

"Oh my god, Chaeyoung-a. You looked stupid." her seatmate started to laughed at her and took her pocket mirror to showing it to Chaeyoung.

Chaeyoung rubbed her eyes and yawn while trying to focus her eyes on the mirror, "I looked cute, Yeri-ya." Chaeyoung smirked at Yeri and slap her own cheek lightly to make her fully awake.

"Aigoo. Look at that mark on your cheek that caused by your watch." Yeri said stuffing her mirror back to her bag and went out from the class.

"I know you like me, though! Yeri-ya!" Chaeyoung shouted at her teasing the younger girl making her chuckled to herself.

"Woah, you look like an idiot, Chaeyoung-a." Chaeyoung's bestfriend went to her seat and took a sit on Yeri's seat. Chaeyoung just smiled at her tucking out her tounge.

"Come here, let me fix it for you." her bestfriend said it and pulled Chaeyoung's head toward her fixing the latter's face and hair.

"Thank you, Dahyun-iie." Chaeyoung said winking at her bestfriend. Dahyun just playfully rolled her eyes. Then she stood up dragging Chaeyoung to the canteen as she felt her stomach was being too thin now because she's starving.

They arrived at the canteen and tried to look for a vacant seat for them. As they found it, like a lightning bolt, they ran to it afraid that other people would take it. "Okay, I'll guard. Go order." Chaeyoung said to Dahyun and gave her the money for bought the foods.

"Sure you can bring it alone?" Chaeyoung asked as she was not sure that letting her bestfriend bought it by herself would be a good idea. But Dahyun just nodded simply like it's not a big deal.

Chaeyoung let her bestfriend go but she kept her eyes fixed on Dahyun. But the loud cheering started to distract her making her looked at the source of the cheering. But Chaeyoung knew, without even tried to looking at it, she knew who made this commotion. It is Myoui Mina. She looked at her and it is true, it's Myoui Mina coming to the canteen with her friends. Chaeyoung started to forget that she was trying to paid attention at her bestfriend as now she's paying her attention to the popular girl, Myoui Mina. Chaeyoung has liked her for years now, but she never told the latter. Hell, maybe Myoui Mina doesn't even know that Chaeyoung is exist. They never get to know each other. For Chaeyoung, Mina maybe was too high for her to reach. Just like a star in the sky. It seems like it always with us but the fact is they're so far away. Impossible to get.

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