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"You wicked beast!"

"Never come near me or my house you demon!"

Panting. Running. Away.

No one loves you

I know...


You are all alone.



He woke up sweating and panting. His pillow was wet from crying.

'Shit.' He thought, The nightmares only worsened.

A normal person would usually consult a Yamanaka for treatment, but...how could he?

He who was despised by every damn person in this village?!

They would throw him out for sure.

He looked at the clock, 1:25 am. He didn't even sleep for an hour. Sighing he put on his jacket and took out a book related to strategies. He already knew it by heart but... 

He wasn't that idiot that everyone thought he was. He could've graduated at 5 y/o but it would make him a target, the old man said.

He was actually far ahead from his class in matter of skills, but of course, he had to downplay it. It was this mask that he had managed to keep for 12 years; now he just had to pass tomorrow.

Jumping from his balcony, he went to the woods to train. It was almost a habit now:-

Have dinner (depends)

Go to sleep

Have a nightmare which was always worse.

Think about a world without him.

Go to the woods to train.

Same shit different day, he thought sighing to himself.

Hey Kit. Do ya know-  Kurama had started teaching Naruto a few years ago.

If he felt like it or if Naruto ever needed him he would also take a human form.

"No Kurama and I'm not interested." Naruto said firmly.

BUt LiSten tO me Kit, If tWo MinD ReaDerS aRe ReadIng EaCh oTher'S MiNd TheN WhOSe MiND Are TheY ReAdiNg? 

( I actually went and searched for a "hits blunt" joke XD)

Naruto stopped. And thought. 

"Kurama stop saying weird shit like that. Are you sure you didnt steal it from someone? I mean you ARE  afew thousand years old ya know."

Kurama smiled to himself. A good Joke always made Naruto less depressed. But never truly happy.

Whatever Kit. Let's just go and master that wind jutsu. Tomorrow's a big day ya know.

Big day my ass. Naruto thought pulling out his katana. You know I am way stronger than those brats.

Hey idiot. That's only 'coz I'm the Kyubi ya know.

Shut up Kurama. Naruto said while he used the wind scythe jutsu to finely chop down a tree.

They trained till sunrise, bickering over Kurama's "fake" jokes.

When Naruto saw the sun rise he was already tired out a had shadows from lack of sleep, but he couldn't care less.



Well here goes nothing.

Naruto went back home to get ready and practice being the "annoying" kid.



I hope Ya all liked it. See I am very bad at remembering jutsus so if anyone of you sweet  people could give a list of justus I'd be blessed!

THanks in advance people!

Do tell me if ya all have any ideas. And whether you liked this naruto and kuramam  friendship!

Ok Bye See ya!

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