My Eyes 2 - Chapter 5

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"Hi, Eliza! It's a pleasure to finally meet you in person!" a boy almost shouted at her with a lot of enthusiasm. He grabbed and shook her hand in the same manner.

This voice... It took a moment for her to remember where she had heard.

"Ah, so you're the telepath."

The boy's smile grew. "That's right. My name is Teodoro but you can call me Teo!"

Despite the girl's surprise, she couldn't help but smile under such enthusiasm.

"It's nice to meet you," she said, shaking his hand on her own this time. "Your voice sounds a bit different when it's not echoing in my head."

"It's not the first time I hear that. I have no idea why though. To me, it sounds the same."

"Maybe it's like that thing when you hear your own voice, you find it weird."

The boy seemed too shocked. "No way. I don't want that. My voice is already high-pitched enough as it is... to think that's the better version..."

Eliza looked at him and then chuckled. He seems so... excited about this...

"Sorry if I seem too hyped... It's just this is the first time I meet another person with powers around my age..." Teo rubbed his head and looked down.

The girl couldn't hide her surprise. We're the same age? I could've sworn he's younger...

At least he doesn't seem like a bad person... but he's listening to my mind right now, isn't he?

Eliza watched him, waiting if he would react to what was inside her mind. The boy showed none.

Is he trying to hide or he really can't read my mind...?

Ah, crap... this is gonna bother me all the time...

"You're making the face of someone who doesn't know if the telepath is prying into your head or not," João Paulo said, walking towards them. Due to the trouble he caused when we met, he received a punishment."

"You mean, I'm grounded, JP." Teo raised his right hand to Eliza, touching the ring on his index finger with the thumb. "This thing here suppress my powers... with it, my telepathy's range is limited to a couple of inches."

The boy got closer to Eliza and stood side by side. Despite being the same age, the boy barely reached her shoulders.

Can... you... hear... me... now?

Eliz a blinked a couple times when she heard a voice that wasn't hers on her head.

Yeah... but barely... like there's a static all the time...

It's this ring's fault... It sucks... Just because I helped a little too much, JP grounds me with this...

"Please, get in and explain on the way. We don't know at what time the deal will happen, so we need to stake out the place," the policeman said, getting in the driver's seat.

Eliza and Teo got in the back seat and JP drove.

Hey, can you still hear me?

Loud but not so clear, the girl confirmed. Hey, what did you mean when you said JP grounded you...? Aren't you a cop like him?

The boy flashed an awkward smile. Yeah... not really... Actually, I was a normal kid until one day I woke up with the power to read the minds of the people around me.

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