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In South Korean culture, a sasaeng or sasaeng fan (Hangul: 사생팬; Hanja: 私生) is an over-obsessive fan of a Korean idol, or other public figure, that has engaged in stalking or other behaviour that constitutes an invasion of privacy.

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BTS (방탄소년단) shaped my life in so many ways. Asides my family and best friends, they are the ones who made me into what I am today.

You see. I used to be an ARMY who was able to view their comebacks right on time, live shows, go to their concerts, make theories, draw fan arts, write fanfics and buy their every albums. Now, it's different.

No, I didn't stop being an ARMY. I am still very much in love with them. It's just that life gets so busy when I moved out to the UK when I turned seventeen, all alone.

You could say that my parents are the ideal Crazy Rich Asians. My dad owns the biggest money income company of Korea, SAMSUNG while my mother is a well-known doctor who owns the largest clinic in Seoul, HAESUNG.

My brother is taking over my father's company one day and he is very much interested in business so things turned out well for him. But for me?

Ever since a young age, I had a thing for fashion. I absolutely love styling people and beautifying them. My mother brainwashed me saying hobby and career are two separate things.

So, I was forced to think what I am interested in doesn't matter and that one day, I will graduate from a very well known medicine university from abroad to take over my mom's clinic.

But, BTS changed me.

I came across them when I was aged 13. My best friend, Ji Yerin is crazy about them so I was introduced to them that way. Thought they were cute.

As time passed, I became as crazy as my best friend and I paid more attention to the message they want to give us.

To follow our dreams and to love ourselves.

I didn't think those two facts were important. I never really cared. BTS showed me so I had to show them back.

I told my mom that I wanted to study fashion and styling on the day I turned seventeen. She was very outraged. She told me off. I didn't stop there though.

I consulted my father and told him how I felt. He gave a good reaction and promised me that he would talk my mom into this. My mother being a sweet person that she is, she agreed on letting me choose my own path.

But under one condition.

I had to prove her that I am capable of this. I managed to get into University of Arts of London with 75% scholarship. My parents were so proud of me.

I told them not to support my tuition fees and my living expenses in London. I just didn't want to burden them any further and wanted to stand on my own feet.

After years of living with a silver spoon in my mouth, my five years of living in London, managing everything on my own wasn't very smooth.

To be able to pay for the rest of my tuition fees and living expenses, I had to work multiple part time jobs. I also had to study hard to be able to get continuous scholarships.

After how I went through everything, I graduated in a flash and now I have a very precious Fashion Art Direction degree in my possession.

You could tell that my life was hectic and busy, huh? So, it's not impossible for you to predict I stopped being so crazy about BTS.

Time changes people.

Now, I am a 23 year old woman flying back to her mother country to chase my dreams further.

Thinking about the hardships I went through in the past, a small proud smile crept onto my lips as I stared out of the plane's window.

"Excuse me?", a very familiar yet not so familiar deep voice snapped me out of my thoughts.

The moment my eyes landed on this man, I felt like I was staring my whole world.

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