Chapter 13

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BE WARNED. This is rated "R"


Before anyone reads this it's horrible I suck at writing these scenes and I. Ieant to take this out and I guess I forgot. No kids under 18 should read this actually no one should until you get to the bottom. Alright I'll quit babble I got to give you guys so,etching so here it is.


I'm not sure why I did it but I started grinding myself against him. He moans breaking the kiss, kissing, licking, nibbling down my jaw, neck, shoulders and chest going for my breast again. I reach down and undo is jeans. He swiftly turns us so I'm laying on my back. He presses his lips to mine kissing me again. He breaks the kiss kissing, licking, nibbling down my jaw, neck, shoulders, chest, stomach getting on his knees as he goes lower. When he gets to the top of my jeans he undoes them then sits up straight staring at me pulling my jeans, my panties, shoes and socks off. He growls again leaning down kissing, licking, nibbling my stomach. I reach with my feet pushing his jeans down. I hear what I assume are his shoes dropping as he takes of his jeans.

Once he's done he makes it up the rest of the way up my body covering my body with his as he does. He makes his way to my lips kissing me again as he nudges my legs further apart. When he does I wrap my legs around his waist and he thrust fully inside me. Holy fuck that hurt! But nothing I can't handle. His head snaps up quickly breaking the kiss. He looks at me shocked eyes bugging out jaw gapping open.

"Your a virgin!" he announces. I nod lifting my head to press my lips to his neck. I'm just going with the flow here. "I..I...I..but...I..we...I...just...I'm." he stutters as I kiss, lick and nibble his neck. I had no idea what he was getting at but as far as I'm concerned now is not the time for talking.

So I press my lips to his. I've heard the guys about how a girl should move. So I start moving hips because he wasn't. He moans and starts moving his hips. Yeah it hurt but soon that pain turned into something good. Really good. He breaks the kiss kissing, licking, nibbling my neck as I do his. Each of his thrust was met with my hips as we get into a steady rhythm. The room fills with moans, groans, heavy breathing.

"Oh god." I moan tilting my head back and digging my fingers in his back. I don't know what was coming over me but I likes it. "Faster." I moaned going back to his neck. He picks up his pace.

"You gu..." sounds like the alpha says but stops making Alex stop. Then I hear a click.

"Don't stop." I mutter biting his neck.

"Your not embarrassed?" he pants.

"No." I say pressing my lips to his kissing hard. He kisses me back moving his hips again. We get back into a steady rhythm as the room fills with more moans, groans, heavy breathing. "God Alex harder." I moan. He takes a leg putting it on his shoulder getting in to a position like he's doing push ups and starts thrusting harder and faster causing him to go deeper than I thought possible. "Alex." I moan loudly.

"Say it again." he grunts in between thrust.

"Alex." I moan again moving one of my hands to the back of his neck bring his head down and mine up pressing my lips to his. He moans into my mouth as we kiss. He breaks the kiss licking and nibbling my neck.

This was intense. I know what intense is and this is it. Pure adrenaline rush. To me it is anyway. Everything was intense. Every kiss, lick, nibble, touch, thrust. It has my body on fire.

"Anissa." he moans into my neck releasing my leg. I wrapped it back around his waist as he lays back down in top of me putting his arms under me holding on to my shoulders.

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