Chapter 21. A Kiss on the Lips.

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Artan: The Russians are annihilating the Germans. New York underworld is in total chaos and I don't see this one ending soon.

Axel: It's not good for business but it is what it is. As long as the Conglomerate is standing, we will let the problem solve itself.

Artan: So, it was Victoria and Sergey Yvanislov all along.

Axel: And someone from the Conglomerate. I will find out soon.

Artan: Otto sent word to you to meet Volkov. Did the Russian wolf listen to you at all?

Axel: (Snorts) Does he ever?

Artan: (Shakes his head.)

Axel: We have got to give it to the man. Just when everyone thought the Russians are no more when his old man died, the motherfucker kept his house together and proved to everyone he's better than the old wolf.

Artan: Story of our lives.

Axel: Story of our lives. (Raised his glass for a toast)

The two looked over the New York night skyline in silence. They are standing by as the mob war goes on between the Russians and the Germans.

Axel: So, Volkov's wife huh?

Artan: (Smiles and drinks his scotch.)

Axel: The woman has got some quick reflexes. I have learned the hard way not to startle her otherwise you'll be seeing estrellas flying around your thoughts in no time. (Recalls the time Belle kneed him on his crotch when he brought her gelato by the pool in Colombia and then how his world turned in slow motion when he finally stood face to face with her. Her similarity with Yelena is uncanny and yet the difference is also undeniable.)

Artan: You too?

Axel: What do you mean me too? You mean you saw stars too?

Artan: I saw very bright stars Axel.

(The two shook their heads in disbelief.)

Axel: So the two of you had something going on?

Artan: She's--- my special lady.

Axel: Special like Yelena?

Artan: Yelena and I—it was a mistake. She was upset with Volkov one and two. It was just one drunken night.

Axel: And yet you have Aria in your life.

Artan: Aria was the best thing that ever happened to me. I was just thankful that Yely did not keep her from me.

Axel: That's the Yely I know.

Artan: And the Yely you almost married.

Axel: (snorts) Almost.

Artan: You were competing against blood, Axel. You already lost before you even started.

Axel: (shakes his head and then downs his liquor)


Safe House

Andrey: Did you finish your mission?

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