Tris' POV

        I sigh as I finish eating dinner, releived I have nothing left in my day to do. I stand from the almost empty table I sat at, a man with an almost completely peirced face and a woman are the only other two people at the table. I start to walk past the shops, seeing most of them close as for it being almost 9pm on a friday night. I start to head up to mine and tobias' apartment when I find mysekf walking down a framiliar hallway. 

        All the sudden my mouth and eyes are covered. I try to move from the graps but their arms exclose around me, making it harderto struggle, then a framiliar voice whispers into my ear.

     "Relax, It's me" With a soft chuckle after it as Tobias lets go of me. I sigh with releif, then am flustered and angry, I punch him in the ribs, half heartedley, and he laughs as I do.

        "You scared me! Don't do that!" I shout with an annoyed tone,then turn, and continue to walk, my arms folded. Hecontinues to laugh as he catches up to me. 

        "Have any plans for tonight?" He asks me, and I give up on being mad at him. I then let my arms fall, and our hands intertwine. I sigh then answer.

        "No. I'm already tiered enough from work today..." I say as we reach our apartment. I open the door to the smell of Food and Tobias. I walk over to the kitchen to make myself something. I pour some soda and grab a bag of chips. 

        "Well, Then why don't we do something here? We could watch a movie, or invite over some friends?" Tobias says as he walks into the bathroom to change. I sigh and lean against the counter of the kitchen and reply to nothingness

         "A movie sounds nice." I shout loud enough for Tobias to hear. The door creaks open from the bathroom, and he walks out in a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt. He walks over to me and kisses me on the forhead. I smile up at him then pull him to my lips and kiss him. I smile as I pull away and grab the food and drinks.

        "What movie should we watch?" I ask as I sit on the couch, Tobias walks over to the TV and looks through a large pile of DVDs.  He picks up one that we haven't watched before.

        "Why not..." He says as he opens it and puts it into the TV, The movie starts and Tobias sits next to me. Not long, I end up leaning against him as he puts his arms around me, I nuzzle my head in his shoulder and pull up my blanket, my eyes get heavy, and then It's black. 


Tobias' POV

        As themovie ends, I look down at Tris, Cuddled in my arms. I sigh as I releaseher grasp on me and turn off the TV. I look at her God, Why is she so beautiful? I think to myself as I scoop her up in my arms and carry her to the bed. I lie her down and pull the sheets over I her. I then return to the couch and lie down, as I usually do. My thoughts swarm my mind as I try to sleep.

        I love you Tobias Her voice echoed trough my head, Four, How are you still a virgin? I wouldn't be able to wait this long. Zeke's voice murmers, reminding me of our conversation this morning. I roll over and try to let my thouhgts leave my head. But they don't. The more I try to sleep, the more thoughts come into my mind

        God, why must she fear intimacy? Why? I think as I roll over, I feel my eyes thoughts drift further away, as I fall asleep. 

        I wake up from my sleep, it's now bright outside, I sit up rubbing my eyes. I turn to the bed to see Tris, but the bed's empty. I suddenly feel a jolt  of nervousness in my body. I stand and scan the apartment, eager to find her. 

        "Tris?!" My voice calls out, But it only echooes through the empty space. I scower the apartment, but I can't find her anywhere, or any indication that she went anywhere. I open the door and run down the hallway, heading to the pit. I look around for Tris, but spot Zeke, I run over to him. 

        "She won't even let him sleep in the bed with her!" He says, I blush slightley at his words, knowing it's about me. I stand facing Zeke, waiting forhim to notice me, but  he never does. He continues to talk to random people in the drowd. I then notice, everyone in the crowd is talking about me. I listen to different conversations. 

        I cannot beleive the legendary four is still a virgin! He's almost 19 for gods sake! one girl says to another then they both laugh. Another conversation.

        He can't even get himself laid? There's laughter, I turn to look from one person to another and another, they all just continue laughing, my face gets redder and redder as they continue. I shake my head as I walk away from the pit, reminding myself why i'm here. 

        "Tris?!" I call down the hallways, again and again, until I hear her voice, it whispers and echoes through the hallways 

        "Tobias..." Her airy voice repeates again, I turn around, searching for the voice, but my name continues to be called, I start to run down the hallway when my vision starts to blur and I open my eyes finding a half dressed Tris hovering above my shaking me

        "Tobias wake up!" She says softly as I sit up and smile at her. Glad that what had just happened was only a nightmare.

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