Chapter 31 'Chris Brown&Pixie Lott'

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I hopped on one of those open topped tour buses and went around sights in a part of America for three hours and got back in the house with about an hour to get ready.

I pulled on my clothes and fixed my hair, then I applied my make-up. And painted my nails.

When I had done then girls came in.

"Hey Lils, hows Pixie not seen her in a while?" Danielle asked

"Yeah shes great." I smiled

"You look beautiful, concert tonight isn't it?" Eleanor asked

"Yeah, I'm so excited!" I squealed

"Oh, the cars waiting outside on you!" Danielle grinned

"Okaydoke, have a nice night girls." I smiled grabbing the bag and heading out the door and out of the hotel to find a large black limo waiting outside.

"No way." I breathed

But yep, the driver was leaning against it holding a sign saying my name.

"Hi." I said walking walking up to him

"Hello, Lily I take it?" he asked extending his hand

"Yep, that's me." I smiled shaking his hand lightly

"I'm Brian, so you going to a Chris Brown concert tonight then?" he asked opening the door for me.

"Thanks and yeah." 

"Sounds as if it'll be a lot of fun." he grinned closing the door then hoping into the drivers seat and speeding away.

I went onto twitter to upload the picture i took a few minutes earlier of myself

@LilySelley: AHHHH going to a Chris Brown concert! MEGA excited!! 

After a while in the limo, and a little drink of free champagne the driver finally stopped and let me out in front of a massive arena.

"Round this way." Brian the driver smiled at me leading around the side.

Where several security guards were standing about.

One of them came up to me "Name?"

"Lily Selley." I gulped, this guy was a tank.

"No problem Miss, Mr Malik is waiting inside for you." he smiled checking a list

I nodded, sayed goodbye to Brian and headed through the back doors, where Zayn was sitting on a sofa waiting.

"Lils!" he smiled standing up and hugging me "You look great."

"Thanks Zayn, you too." I smiled

"Come on, I've got a mega surprise for you." he smiled putting his hand in the small of my back and leading me through a maze of corridors

Then he covered my eyes with his hands and I heard voices

"Zayn, where are we?" I asked taking cautious steps.

"In the arena." he said 

"I knew that." I groaned impatient.

"Right okay, ready?" he asked

I nodded eagerly and he dropped his hands and standing in front of me was Chris Brown. The Chris Brown.

"Oh my God."  I whispered

Zayn and Chris chuckled at me

"Lily right?" Chris asked

I just nodded, unable to speak.

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