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"Are you in trouble with the law?"

"No", Avery said. "What I am is broken. What I need is a job, and this one suits me fine"

Logan finished his coffee. At one time, he'd been a good judge of character. Now he didn't trust his own instincts. He didn't think she'd lied, but there were secrets shifting around in those grey eyes, and her expression was just too bland. But what did it Matter? All he wanted was to be left alone. Had the feeling that Avery Peterson was looking for the same.

"We'd best get somethings straight," he said. "Haven has it's busybodies. They're going to make a lot out of a beautiful, single woman living on a ranch with a widower." He paused. "There are people in town who are going to talk about me. I don't give a damn what they say, but you might."

The corner of Avery's mouth tipped slightly upward and she said, "I don't put much stock in gossips. But just so I won't be surprised or shocked - what am I likely to hear?"

" That I'm responsible for my wife's and son's deaths. And that I benefited by getting an ungodly amount of insurance money." He shoved back his chair and stood. "They're right on both counts."

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