Chapter 8

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I scurried around my room trying to find my hair pin," Where the hell is it?" I questioned myself. When I finally found the pin I quickly put my hair into a messy bun, not caring if it looked like a birds nest. I had already missed breakfast and was now running late for training, only if Eren had woken me up before leaving me. I made a mental note to scold him for that later but I had more pressing issues at hand. I rushed out the door, straight into Jean, oh goody here come the questions," Why did you run off the other day?" Jean asked putting his hand on his hip. I rolled my eyes at him," I had other things to do, sorry about it though." I replied trying to put on my sweetest, fakest smile. Sadly he looked straight through it.

" Your in a relationship with Jaeger, aren't you?" He acused me," He was the one who gave you the bruise, right?" He continued, his face turning sour. He was basically being a protective older brother. My eyes went wide," Why the hell would you think that I'm in a relationship with Eren?" We weren't in a relationship but was that what I wanted? There was also Levi to think about, I couldn't forget about him after all he's done for me. " I was thinking that because I saw him walking out of your room this morning." Jean said, he was looking like he was getting pissed off," We, um, he was helping me out with a bit of work I had to do." I said hoping he would fall for the pathetic excuse. His eyes narrowed at me," I sti-" He was then cut off by none other than Eren," Amber? Where have you been, you're late for training!" I let out a sigh of relief, silently thanking Eren for saving me from more questioning." Got to go Jean, see ya later!" I smiled as I ran off to training.

I steadied my breath and curled my fists tighter. We were doing hand-to-hand combat and I knew that I was the best out of everyone, not to put myself up there though. Eren and me were the last ones to arrive so we were instantly paired up, I had a gaint grin plastered across my face as I readied myself for a good fight." Ready?" Eren called, I nodded my head and he lurched towards me. I stopped and dropped my stance making Eren pause in confusion, good, he let his guard down. I moved quickly towards him and swept my leg around, knocking Eren to the ground. I jumped ontop of him pinning his arms to the ground and holding the fake wooden knife to his throat," Gotcha." I whisper with the stupid grin still on my face. 

He looked up at me and pouted, I let out a small laugh and let my guard down for less than a second. But even in that split second Eren managed to flip our positions, I was now lying flat on my back with Eren straddling my waist. He pinned my arms above my head and leant in close," I win." He whispered with a smirk to complement his tone. He stared at me for a few moments longer and then he closed the gap between our lips. We kissed for as long as we could, savouring the taste of each others lips. Once he pulled away he gave me the same smirk as before causing me to roll my eyes at him. I pulled myself up into a sitting positions and looked around. I then noticed a very pissed off shorty who was glaring daggers, the coldness of his stare was enough to make me shiver. I kept looking around and again I saw another person staring, it was Jean. Fuck, now I have to explain myself to him, I thought.

We spent the rest of the day sparring and praticing with the 3DMG. I groaned as I walked towards the dining hall, every muscle in my body felt as though it was on fire," Need any help?" Jean said as he walked beside me," Uh, no thanks." I said giving him a friendly shove. He chuckled and walked ahead of me. Once I had finished eating, I left saying that I was tired and need to sleep. I stumbled down the hall way and tripping a few times because of how tired I was. My head instantly cleared as two strong arms wraped themselves around my waist.

Really, he had to show up right now as thought as I groaned internally. I was swept off my feet and into his arms," I thought you might need some help." Levi said with a smirk," No, I'll be fine." I muttered," Can you please put me down." I said while trying to keep my eyes open," I don't think I'll put you don't." He said still smirking. My eyes were betraying me and slowly closing over, they suddenly fluttered open at the sound of someone elses voice." Let her go." A cold voice rang out through the hall.

"E-Eren?" I stuttered, now fully awake," Let go of her, Captain." Eren growled," What are going to do if I don't, brat." Levi spat, I wriggled around trying to break free of his grip. I could clearly tell that he had no intentions of letting me go and instead of pleading to be let go, I jabbed my elbow into his stomach. He fliched slightly which was what I was hoping for, I quickly got myself to my feet and sprinted to my room before anyone could follow. I slammed the door and locked it, I leant against it as loud thuds and muffled voices could be heard coming from the other side. I walked over to my bed covering my head with the pillow hoping to block out the noise, slowly but surely I ended up drifting off to sleep.

I woke up the next morning feeling better than the night before. I quickly cleaned myself and got ready for the day ahead and I could already tell that it was going to be a long one.

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