I hate my life

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Everything was fine it was just that I hated my life I felt like ending it but that would complicate my moms life I didn't jump down from the window there was a roof under my moms window from our garage I would sometimes sit there and think so I did go and think then Payton cut me off
Payton: stop don't jump
You: really I am just sitting here stop overreacting
Payton: really I am the one overreacting why are you crying I thought you knew
You: no i didn't,she said let's not argue about you and now she will hate me !!!
Payton sat down next to me and said come on go get your bag what why me and him sneaked to my room got our stuff in our bags and went to the roof again and left them next to us and with a little cuddly blanket he hugged me and said it will be fine .
But soon my mom came I broke the moment and told us to take our bags and get in the car we drove to a nice house and said that we will have to be here and start the live together and in 5 months we are getting married
I was like
You: wait what I thought in a year
Mom: we changed it oh and you can get unpacked and visit us only when it's the weekend
We both said ok and one weekend after those five months of living together it was fine it turned out that Jess did really hate me so we stopped being friends any contact and even Payton didn't like her or it was just words the weekend before the wedding it was bad ...

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