Kevin's scream was all but swallowed up by the churning sound of his boat. He cut the engine and the water quickly calmed itself. Clara felt helpless as the rowboat drifted along the shoreline, slowly carrying her away from the motorboat and away from Nicholas' lifeless body, still hanging from the fence post.

Kevin grabbed the side of the motorboat and leapt over, splashing onto the low shoreline. He ran toward Nicholas.

Greg dropped the motorboat's anchor before following Kevin across the Cascade beach. "Go!" Kevin yelled to him as he pointed to the center of the island. "Hurry!"

Greg ran off toward the treeline a few yards off. Clara watched as he disappeared inside the woods and foliage that covered the island.

Kevin, still halfway submerged in water, stopped in front of Nicholas' body. The boy's arms dangled at his sides, and his head was slumped on one shoulder. "There's no way he'll live," Clara thought.

She wanted to do something – even say something – but her body wouldn't allow it. She could only watch as Kevin, panting like a rabid dog, wrapped his massive arms around Nicholas. He turned his head away, and Clara did the same – though she could only take a few seconds of Kevin's grunting before she looked back over. Kevin had laid Nicholas' body down in the sand further up on the beach, gently positioning his arms and legs at his sides.

The rowboat drifted further out into the ocean. Clara realized she'd soon be worse off if she did nothing – she'd either have to row herself back or swim to the shore. Both of those options seemed too much to handle, so she put one leg over the side of the boat and stepped out.

The water was deeper than she'd thought. The current pushed against her as she took one wet step, then another, forcing herself onto the sand and closer to Kevin and Nicholas. Nothing on the island seemed to move. She felt like a ghost.

Clara approached Kevin from the side. As she walked around him, Nicholas' body came into view. The harsh light from the motorboat made his skin appear to be pure white. His chest was completely still, and though his shirt had settled in a way that covered up the spot where the fence post had pierced him, Clara could still see the hole through the fabric – and a pool of blood already forming beneath him.

She looked at Kevin's face. Though she was only a few feet away from him, he didn't acknowledge her. Clara saw concern on his face, and anger, but no signs of panic. She didn't understand. She took a step closer.

"Kevin?" she asked. "What... what should we do?"

He turned his head to her, closing his eyes. Clara thought it might be the first signs of shock.

"Just... just wait," Kevin said, his eyes still closed. He sounded more calm than she'd ever heard him.

"But... is there someone we can call?" she asked. "Does your boat have a phone or something?"

He shook his head and said nothing, then opened his eyes and turned back toward the woods. He stared silently.

Clara considered climbing onto Kevin's boat and hunting for some way to call back to Breach Point. But it was pointless. How fast could a boat with a medical crew possibly arrive? And even if they got Nicholas onto the boat and off to a hospital, there didn't seem to be any hope of saving him. He was gone.

And then Clara saw a change in Kevin's face. Not a smile, but movement in his mouth, and his eyes opened up a bit more. His head was still. She turned her gaze from Kevin to the woods – and then she saw it.

A glow. The slow, organic pulse of light that she and Nicholas had only noticed once the island's generator had cut out, taking away the artificial glow. It moved from the edge of the woods and then outward, at first so bright that she couldn't see the source at its center.

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