Rvb S9 E2 "Like Old Times"

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Valhalla/Red Base
On top of Red base, everyone is standing in front of Grif.

Grif: You want me? To piss the blue guys as much as I can, to keep their attention on me. While, you guys sneak in through the back and take our flag.

Sarge: That's exactly correct, Private Grif!

Grif: ...Fuck that! I'm not getting my self killed!

Sarge slowly begins to raise his shotgun.

Sarge: I wasn't asking.

Leo puts his hand on Sarge shotgun and lowers it down.

Leo: (Sighs) Come on, Grif. You know Sarge, won't quit until we get our flag back. Besides, if we do get it back you can finally relax for awhile!

Grif: I won't be able to relax, if I'm dead!

Simmons: What if we did a deal?

Grif: What type of deal?

Simmons: If you help us with this, we'll... give you Leo's Oreo collection.

Grif/Leo: WHAT!?

Simmons: How does that sound?

Grif: Deal!

Leo: Hell no! I've been stacking that collection for years, now!

Simmons: Well, it's either that or a grumpy, Sarge!

Simmons points at Sarge, who's currently angrily muttering something under his breath.

Simmons: Which one do you, prefer.

Leo honestly didn't like seeing Sarge upset. So, with a sigh, Leo looks back at Grif and nods his head... with some will power.

Leo: (Mutters) Deal.

Grif: I'm sorry, could you say that again?

Leo: I said, deal!

Simmons: Alright then, now that Grif's in the plan. What's next Sarge?

Sarge: Now.. let's get our flag back!

Blue Base
Behind Blue Base, Wash was sitting on a small crate, disassembling and reassembling his battle rifle. While on the outside Wash seemed calm and focused, on the inside he's puzzled to why the reds and blues helped him.

Sure, he helped them in the past and Tucker says they needed to "Even the teams". But, it still doesn't make sense to him. He betrayed them, killed their friend, threaten them and hunted them down.

But, here they are with... open arm. The only one to show suspicion of him was, Wade and he didn't blame him. He would be weary of himself to.

So, why are they doing this for me?

Before, he could think more about it Caboose comes running out of the base, stopping right next to him.

Caboose: Church! Church!

Wash: Caboose, it's not Church remember? It's me, Washington.

Caboose: Oh, right! Sorry, about that Washingtub!

Wash: (Sighs) It's fine Caboose, what is it you want?

Caboose: Uh.. Tucker and Wade, wanted me to get you.

Wash: Why?

Caboose: It might have something to do with Grif, yelling at them.

Wash: Wait what?

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