Some drunk meatheads were vandalising the fences with spray cans.The graffiti wasn't even appealing.It was simply just vulgar phrases and obscene sketches.

A group of scantily clad women skipped down the road while giggling.One was holding a pink gun and the rest did not seem to know bras exist.

The place was dead silent except for occasional high pitched screams coming from nowhere.

There were adult stores all around.They were closed at this hour.

"Come on.The Vinyl is this way."
Dominic suggested and nodded his head in the direction of a murky and dark alley.

As we treaded further into the alley,I couldn't help but let my mind wander off.
The fact that he knew his way around such a place was quite unsettling.Did he normally come here to hang around? It was a very shady and sketchy looking area but then again he was suspicious.

Now that I think about it,I actually don't really know anything about him.
What if he's a pimp? He's probably trying to lead me into his ring and capture me forever...

What if he's a gang leader? Yeah,that would explain it.
Or an assassin?!

"I'm not a pimp or a gang leader.
Assassinating,I might be interested in..." Dominic voiced out my not so quiet thoughts.

I winced.

"No I don't want to!" I heard a squeal nearby.

Dominic and I glanced at each other.

"No get off me you pruny dog! Aaaah!"

"We'll teach your bratty ass a lesson if u don't shut the fuck up!" A croaky voice spoke this time.

"No!! Help!" A female voice that sounded a lot like Lila's screeched again.
Dominic shoved me behind him as he rushed towards the noises.
"I can take care of myself you know." I uttered.
"No." He answered without turning around.

We raced through a more narrow alley as I saw a dim red light illuminating at a distance.It should be the back exit of the club.

There was no one around here but I could make out a few silhouettes as I got nearer to the commotion.

There were two humongous male figures cornering a tiny woman.

They were more of hooligans actually.
One was gripping Lila by the hair and the other held shreds of her frail cardigan.
She was crouched on the ground in only a tiny bralette and ripped jeans.

As our steps got louder,the two men whipped towards us in a threatening demeanour.They stood their ground as they gave us a death stare.It was a really bad move on their part as seen from the next thing that happened...

Before I could even analyse further,Dominic's balled fist collided with the fat man's nose,shattering it.The crack was rather clear in the night.
The fat man grunted and fell back onto the concrete.I actually thought the ground would break because of his weight.

His punch seemed really powerful since the man was already unconscious on the ground.
Blood oozed out from his nostrils as his body lay limp.

How the hell did one punch knock him out that quick?!
I stared at Dominic's frame.

Wait a minute!
What if he was a street fighter?!

As if Dominic could hear me again,he paused cleaning his knuckles.

His body whirled around to me as there was a weird look on his face.

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