Chapter 11

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Dominic's POV
Munira dragged me by the arm into the car while I reluctantly obliged.
She still hasn't answered my question.I wasn't gonna let this off easily though.It was petty but necessary.

"You know whenever things get fun...You always gotta bounce." I remarked.

"I don't what you mean.Can you hurry up start driving? There's no time for your nonsense." She snapped agitatedly.

If I had a dollar every time she got annoyed,I don't know what I'd do.I didn't need the money...

"So we are going to a club to celebrate the just recent funeral?" I questioned her and closed the car door.

"Can you stop joking around and start driving?" She replied.

"Not till you answer my previous question." I said.

"No we are not celebrating any deaths." She continued sarcastically.

I swear I will choke her till she begs me to stop...

This was the fifth pair of boxers I couldn't flip inside out.Blame it on her not me.

"Aha.Witty.We both know that wasn't the question I was talking about.And I'm not driving till I know the answer." I finished and crossed my arms.
I heard her sigh.

"Please...I'll answer whatever questions after we drop by the club okay? Lila needs serious help..." She pleaded worriedly.

I kind of felt bad which was never in a million years.But I mean how could I not.I eyed her inconspicuously.
She had to be one of the only great things that happened in my life.I wasn't even exaggerating...

My life sucked.From kid to now,it has always sucked.She gave me hope when I needed it the most.

It wasn't difficult to figure out there were things this girl hid from everyone.
Well I'm certainly gonna find out what's it with her by hook or by crook.
She was shrouded in mystery and secrecy like an enigma that's for sure.

One thing about me though...

I gazed at the helpless petite brunette next to me and clenched my fists.

When I want something,
I make sure it's mine.
And if anything gets in the way,
I might kill that something.

Anyways I had one question...

"Who's Lola?" I asked.
"Lila.The blonde girl from the other day?
She commented and raised her brows in obviousness.

I thought she could gather from my silence that I did not know who the hell is Lola Lila.

"I'm actually waiting to be enlightened." I notified her.

"Goldilocks who was prancing around as if you were a satanic ritual.Remember?" She continued irritatedly.

I frowned at the pigeon which was perched on the hood of my car.It studied me with its beady eyes.I glared at it,attempting to frighten it away.
I swear if it shits-

"Oh come on! The girl who was shamelessly touching and flirting with you." A voice stated.

Oh right yeah.Something about a Lila Lola we were talking about...
"Which one there were so many..." I mumbled proudly.
She pinched my ear cruelly.
"Ow!" I groaned.

She chuckled humorously before throwing me a flat look.


It was enough to knock me off my senses as I steered away with speed.
The pigeon fluttered away instantly and I smirked in victory.
Munira's POV
We parked outside a gothic looking part of the town.I surveyed the place in uneasiness.
I never really went to the outskirts of Rosewood much.I guess it was because it didn't really appear welcoming or normal for that matter.

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