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"I pledge allegiance to the flag of the Republic of Arcrade and to the glory and the growth of this everlasting Utopia." - Arcrade's Pledge of Allegiance

Arcrade was built after a virus outbreak that swept across the Earth. This nightmarish epidemic was later called the 'Annihilation.' Scientists tried to create a cure for this virus, but nothing worked. As a result, 70% of the humans on Earth were killed off, leaving the civilizations to crumble.

But years later, a country rose from the ashes of the Annihilation epidemic. Groups of people from all over the world started to build a new country where a country called China once stood. And they named this country 'Arcrade.' For a long time, technology started to advance, and the populations grew and prospered until the ruling class and the major corporations became blinded by profit. The government started to corrupt, and the major corporations started to spread their greedy hands across Arcrade.

This led to the decline of Arcrade.

A class system was created, smaller companies started to die off, normal or poor citizens became poorer while the rich became richer, and criminal organizations started to grow powerful.

Then, a person emerges.

To yakuza syndicates, he's known as the Demon. To mafia organizations, he's known as the Dreadful. To the gangs and thugs in alleyways, he's known as the Deadly.

His name is Damien Hunt.

After his parents were killed and his little sister taken away by the gangs of Arcrade, he vowed to himself to bring his sister back and to slaughter every criminal in the country until he finds her.

Soon, a person emerges from the shadows to make a deal with him . . .

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