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I woke up terrified. I had a terrible nightmare. I saw in him a huge magma beast.

The monster destroyed whole cities with one hand stroke, he burned everything and everyone on his path

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The monster destroyed whole cities with one hand stroke, he burned everything and everyone on his path. At the end of my dream, the monster destroys the entire planet.But the worst is that... I felt that this beast is me... I don't know if it was just a dream or maybe a prophecy of something bigger...

I looked around, saw Asia and Rias lying with me in bed. I decided to go to take a bath, but when I tried to get up, something started to come out from under the quilt.

Akeno: I'm here!

Fortunately, it's only Akeno, but I knew that in a moment she would want to seduce me... After this nightmare, I didn't feel like it.

F/N: Listen, I don't want to play...

I got up from bed and walked sleepily towards the bathroom. At the beginning I decided to rinse my face with water. When I looked in the mirror, for a fraction of a second, my face looked like the face of a monster in my dream. I stepped back and then slipped.

When I tried to get up, Akeno, Rias and Asia ran into the bathroom.

Rias: What happened?!

F/N: Aghh...I just slipped...

I looked at the girls, they were naked.

F/N: Can you cover yourself with something?Actually, why floor is so slippery...

I looked around the bathroom and realized that it was not my bathroom!

F/N: Wait a second...

I back to my bedroom and it turned out that it was at least 5 times bigger than my previous one!

F/N: Where is my bedroom?!

Rias: Stupid question, you're in it...

F/N: No, not at all!My room was tiny, barely a bed could fit in, and this room... is huge!

For the next half hour I walked around the whole house, or rather, the palace and checked what was in it. And everything was there. From the huge bedrooms, through gigantic baths, to the great olympic pool.

F/N: I don't believe they did it through one night...

Rias: Devil's powers!

Rias smiled at me.We all went to breakfast, which Asia and Rias prepared. Even the kitchen was bigger than my previous apartment...

After breakfast, we all went to school, but all the time I was thinking about my dream. Maybe Azazel will know something about it...

Rias: F/N!

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