Chapter 6

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Your pov

I was getting ready for the 'event' today. Mom was preparing the snacks she'd be serving to JK ,Lynelle and Darren.My sister well,She's doesn't know anything about it yet. I was kinda excited too.

To see her reaction when she sees them. So we ate lunch first. Then...

*ding dong*

There goes the doorbell. I opened the door and saw Darren and Lynelle bringing a big paperbag.

"Hey guys "


"Hi ate ______" Lynelle says shyly

I told them to come in and They greeted my mom and they stayed in the living room. I called my sis who is in her bedroom.I told them to wait first and My mom started serving them snacks and well they started a conversation.


"Boo,I have a surprise for you.."

"Ano ate?"

"Basta halika"

She got out of her room and I covered her eyes with my hands.

"Ano ba talaga ate?"she asks impatiently


We were here already and I gave a signal to my mom that we're here. I got my hands off her eyes. Omaygass her reaction was priceless. She looked at me said Thanks and she hugged me so tight."Go hug kuya Darren"I whispered to her. At first she was a bit shy. Then Darren and Lynelle hugged her. Gela started tearing up and then she cried in Darren's embrace. Then the doorbell rang again

I opened the door,JK just arrived. He was bringing a paperbag too. " Hey Jake"

I said with a smile.

"Hey :)"

I invited him to come in. When JK and I arrived in the living room, I saw my lil sis singing in front of Lynelle and Darren. Just as she finished her song, We all aplauded.I introduced her to JK . They hugged and they started communicating. They got along so easily. I was preparing their snacks which was some spaghetti and juice for Lynelle since the boys asked for water;You know it's a singer's thing. While I was preparing I caught a glimpse of what was happening in the living room. I was surprised to see JK and Darren bring gifts. Gela got a dress from Darren;Oh Boy it was beautiful . And JK got her a beautiful necklace. I went to the living room to express my gratitude to the boys. I thanked them and they said it was no problem. I was surprised to see them bring gifts for me too. JK gave me a bracelet with a skull charm-Since I love skulls. And Darren got me a dainty necklace with a G-Clef charm. I thanked them so much and they all said it was fine. So I checked on the food it was cooked. I served the food to them.Suddenly my sister started having breathing difficulties. I called mom and we-JK,Darren,Lynelle,Mom and I , sent her to the hospital....


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