New Publishing Plan (UPDATED)

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I've got news!
It's bittersweet, but it's really going to help me out.

Sooooo, I'm not going to be able to finish writing by the end of January.
I'm re-writing a LOT of chapters and they're way longer and much better than the original ones/much better than what was already there, and it's taking a LOT of time. But I really don't want to leave you guys hanging for so long... so... once I finish writing this draft, which will probably (HOPEFULLY) be mid-late February/early-mid March, I'll continue writing Servitude while I edit Love in the Moon.

In more news...

Love in the Moon will only be part 1 of Sovereignty in order to flesh out the characters and their lives as much as they deserve! 😌
What this means is that book 2 will be part 2 of Sovereignty, book 3 will be part 1 of Servitude, and book 4 will be part 2 of Servitude!
The KOTLC version will still only be 2 books because I don't have to worry about printing/publishing for it, but the NonKotlc version will be a total of FOUR!

My amazing Independent Study mentor Mrs. Connor is helping me edit Love in the Moon! She was my Honors English teacher last year, my grammar/writing independent study mentor this year, and next year she'll be my fantasy writing independent study mentor!
She's so incredibly funny, honest, supportive, and kind and I'm so lucky to have her help and guidance. She's really helping me refine my book to be the absolute best it can be, and I'm so thankful for her help.

I need help with title ideas for the series. NOT INDIVIDUAL BOOKS, THE SERIES AS A WHOLE. It's really been bugging me and I was wondering if you guys could give me some suggestions (even if you think they're bad) to help jog my brain? I may or may not use a suggested title, but I'm hoping to be inspired by you guys to figure something out, because while you don't fully know what the series is about, you'll have weird and interesting ideas that'll get the wheels in my brain turning.
You don't have to, but it'd be really helpful. ♥️

Thank you guys for your love, for your support, and for patiently hanging in there while I work on this! Honestly, I'm really glad I'm not updating weekly right now because there's a lot going on in my life and it's nice to write without feeling the pressure of writing weekly (although I'm writing every day).

I'll update you if something else happens!



I've decided to name the series after the  main kingdom because it'll work with all books and it won't break plagiarism/copyright laws. :) thank you guys for all your help!♥️ 

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