Chapter X

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I had never been to New York, not until now, and it was just how you'd imagine it. Huge crowds, bright lights and something going on on every street corner. The sun had set a long while before when we arrived, the lights causing the city to glow. I brought my hood up and avoided staring anyone in the eye as we walked along the crowded sidewalk. Lucifer kept his hand on my waist as he guided me through the busy streets.

"Left," he muttered and I turned on his command on to 81st Street, towards central park. It was all lit up with beautiful lights that had not yet been taken down from the holidays. As the crowds dissipated a little, I removed my hood, but Lucifer's hand never moved from my lower back. It was dark now, and it was no longer possible to see my face properly, especially not under the dim glow of the street lights.

We crossed the street onto the road that passed through through Central Park. Cars drove past us, the cold wind sweeping across the sidewalk every time they past by. It seemed like we had been walking forever, the only heat being his large hand that had remained on the same patch of skin. He always stayed partially behind me, as if shielding me from something I couldn't see.

"How far before we get there?" I complained, hugging my shoulders. I couldn't feel the cold much; my body was constantly cold from the lack of blood flowing through my limb, but I could feel the sting every time the wind slapped my cheeks or how the freezing material of my jeans made my skin itch as the nerves fell asleep.

"Not very long," he muttered, increasing his speed. He had barely said two words to me since we had gotten back into the car.

"Man, I wish He hadn't cut off your wings," I groaned.

"Michael cut them," he said and I felt myself trip over my feet, Lucifer bringing his hands under my elbows to stop me from falling. "It's not worth tripping over love," he chuckled so cooly, as if it didn't bother him at all.

"Let's kill the bastard," I muttered and he laughed loudly.

"Calm yourself, I can see the vein popping out of your forehead," he said and I forced myself to relax.

"Aren't I glad to be an only child," I muttered.

It was nearing midnight when the roof of the building came into view and I released a sigh. We turned onto the road, the grand roman structure-like facade appearing to our left, lit up by spotlights.

"And how do you suppose we get in there?" I whispered, as if someone were to hear us.

"Don't worry about that darling," he smiled. "I can take care of it." He grabbed my hand and dragged me towards the front in the open, where everyone could see. I stared at him oddly, trying to understand what he was planning. His eyes shifted towards one of the security cameras hung above us. His face scrunched in concentration and a few seconds later, the thin glass panel over the camera shattered in hundreds of little pieces and I flinched away.

"Glad to know that still works," he smiled in satisfaction. He did it to the next one and I stood back, expecting the blow this time. He then brought his hand up onto the door handle and I watched as it turned bright red, his hand melting the metal right before my eyes. It dripped onto the ground and he pushed the door with his finger, letting it creak open. It was dark inside and we both took a first step past the door. Lucifer handed my a small flashlight he pulled out of his vest and I flipped it on, pointing it around the room. He lifted his foot and kicked the door closed behind him, causing me to jump. My eyes widened at the sound and I turned to him.

"What the hell are you doing?" I whispered. There were guards at night roaming around the place and one was bound to wind up at the front door. He approached me and pressed my back to his chest, resting his chin on my shoulder as his arm snaked around my waist.

"Give it a second," he whispered next to my ear. You could hear steps approaching us in a few directions and I sucked in a breath.

"Hands up where I can see them," one rushed in, holding his gun towards us. Another followed, coming in from the other side.

"Let's not make a big fuss about this fellas," Lucifer said calmly. "Let's all just pretend none of this ever happened and go on with our merry little lives."

"Hands up where I can see them!" he shouted at us again, more demandingly this time.

"Fine," Lucifer muttered. "Have it your way." He reached into his jacket and pulled out a handgun. Without even a second thought, he fired towards the first man and I recoiled into his chest, my ears ringing from the explosion. The man crumbled to the ground and the other pointed his weapon at us and time suddenly seemed to have slowed down. I could see the bullet approaching us, refracting the light from the windows above the tall doors, slow enough to catch it. Lucifer rose his hand and suddenly, everything went back to normal in a blinding flash. He held up the bullet with his two fingers between my eyes before I even heard the sound of the guards shot being fired. Lucifer fired again and when the man fell next to his partner, everything went completely quiet.

"It won't be long before the cops show up so we need to get a move on," he dragged me behind him, stepping over the security guard's body as if it were a mere obstacle in his path. I hated that I didn't feel bad about it.

We climbed the grand stairs and towards the Renaissance exhibition. It was filled with grand statues and lavish portraits that, had I had a little more time, I would've spent hours admiring. I walked around quietly, the sound of my boots hitting the marble floor and resounding through the open area. I stopped at one, the painting displaying a graceful figure with wings, pointing his sword towards an ugly depicted man as he pushed him into the ground. On a plaque next to the frame was written, "Michael tramples Satan".

"They always make me so handsome," he said sarcastically. I turned around, finding him at the base of a bronze statue of Michael. He held the sword above his head.

"Is that it?" I watched it intently. The sculpture glowed under the moon light, shinning through the windows scattered across the roof. He looked so powerful.

"Of course not. They wouldn't place it where can just take it. When it left Hell, it was guarded by Angels on Earth. Not even the archangels know its location."

"Then where is it? There's only so many places you can put it in here."

"I don't know Olivia," he was growing frustrated. I looked back up at the statue, noticing a strange space between the handle and the hand that was holding it. I stepped onto the base and hung off his extended arm, trying to reach the sword. I pushed it with the end of my finger and it lifted out of his hand, the once gold blade beginning to turn silver. I smiled in satisfaction and began to climb further.

"What are you doing?" Lucifer shouted.

"This is it."

"You'll set off the alarm!" he shouted at me but I continued trying to push it out of his grip.

"There isn't an alarm on this one. They need to be able to move it around discreetly. They hid it in plain sight," I laughed, moving around to the other side and sliding it out of the structure. I held it up, feeling the power surge through my hand.

"Well I'll be damned," he whispered behind me, his hand coming around to retrieve it. He held it up into the light, staring at it with triumph. "You're a genius," he smiled, grabbing my waist and spinning me around as I laughed without a care. For those few moments, I forgot where we were and what we were walking into, none of it seemed to matter. My feet landed back on the ground as our laughter died down but his hand never left the small of my back. My heart was beating fast and my breaths were shallow as our eyes stared deeply into the each others.

"So what now?" I whispered.

"Now," the corner of his mouth rose up ever so slightly. "We wait."

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