chapter one

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"Arggh" I groaned and rubbed my hands together trying to warm my already freeze blood,I think.

The fire I was able to make with the little sticks i found in the opening of the woods was burning down and the temperature was aggressively cold

'Why did my parent have to give me away?'
'Was I really useless? Hopeless?'

Tears rolled down on my cheek and I gladly let it fall,just like the Niagara fall if you know what i mean

I hugged my legs on my chest and rocked back and forth while my back momentarily  touched the tree behind making more tears fall as I have no one to console me,rub my back and tell me everything will be okay,I had nobody to do that but the tree

My cloth were thorn and dirty,my hair was messy with sticks and leaves stuck in it,and my body was slightly bruised from being used countless of time

I've always been the stupid girl who get lured into things and at the end gets brutally tortured or rapped,till I lose conscious then later wake up and find myself beside a dumb star lying a dead a**  b*tch all bloody,sweaty and smelly

I can't remember when last I took a bath,probably since the day I ran away or since the last time it rained

I sometimes strip and walk naked in a secluded area cause I can't bare the awful stench of my cloth,and maybe skinny dip when I stumble on a pound


My life is amazing right? (Note the sarcasm)From getting ripped off of my innocence from the one person I call a father,my foster father and getting abused my foster mother

It all started when I was eleven year old, when the nanny taking care of me in the orphanage dropped the bomb of me getting adopted for the first time and by a great family, a rich one who never had kids and decided to adopt after years of trying and counseling different doctors and professionals around the globe

Yes! They where that rich

But poor enough to have no decency of turning a child's life into a nightmare

My eyes filled with tears as I watched the fire die down

I sighed and wiped off the tears from my dirty cheeks and hissed in pain when I touched the bruise I got for not being a 'good girl for daddy' that punch sent me unconscious giving the bastard leverage to use my body

I adjusted my sitting position, moving my butt side to side trying to find a comfortable spot on the ground

I gave up,after minutes of trying to find comfort and just decided to pack the little or nothing I had and descend on my journey to God's knows where

"God,if you're real,if you're really there, looking at me or maybe even laughing at the misery you put me through can just please just send me an Angel?" I was losing my voice from a lot of screaming and not even talking at all

Being a hobo can make you do the unimaginable, since the day I ran away from the devils I was bound to have no life at all

They made sure to report me to every orphanage and police station,that I was a rebel,a thief and they even went to the extent of lying that I abused them,THAT I FREAKING ABUSED MY ABUSERS

They stoop so low for such a classy rich people

I strode near the alley,looking in trash bins for food,my stomach roared angrily I clenched unto it and grab ahold of the wall next to me

"Do you want this?" An Australian voice spook softly,I wasn't sure if it was directed towards me cause I was bent down and clenching my stomach with both hands

"you need food in your system" the voice said again,I couldn't help but whip my head up when I heard food

The Australian accent belonged to a gorgeous guy,I silently felt insecure about my appearance for once

He chuckled,damn the sound felt nice,he had a jet black hair styled in a quiff with strikes of blonde,his eyes where green like the dept of a lush forest,so beautiful you could get lost In it

His nose was straight, and don't get me started about the sharp jaw line that could cut a diamond in two

He was clad in a plain white T-shirt and a leather jacket,a very tight jeans that brought out a great deal of his inhumanly figure

I scrunched my nose,still bent but eyes raping the god that stood before me

"Isn't that like too tight?" I asked with my hoarse voice you could barely hear what I said

He chuckled again removing his jacket and taking long strides towards me

"Yes it is tight but that what you call man fashion this days,yes?"I didn't dwell at the fact that he didn't refer that to himself but like someone from the 18s? I let him wrap his jacket on me immediately getting engulfed by manly perform

"I have burger and fries with a cola,you can start on that and we can freshen you up,yes?" My stomach hurts to much I had no other alternative but to nod

God did send me an Angel
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