Family Pictures

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Justin was currently helping Shawn button up his shirt as they sat in the dressing room getting ready for the first set of pictures. It was getting closer to the holiday seasons and they hadn't had any family photos in awhile. Justin decided to go and get some done - mainly by his mother's demand.

"Hold still, Shawnie." Justin finished the button and licked his thumb, smudging some "stuff" off of Shawn's face just to annoy him.

"Justin, stop it. I'm not a kid, you know." Shawn huffed his cheeks and sighed, looking down towards the floor. He wasn't feeling too good about taking pictures ever since the plane crash last year.

"When you have mini tantrums like those you sure look like one," Justin replied, ruffling his brother's hair. "You look good bro." He patted Shawn's shoulder and nudged him towards the door.

Shawn blushed in embarrassment as he walked into the photo room wearing a button up shirt and a pair of slacks with a sweater vest that looked like it was from the seventies. His god-mother bought it for him and wanted to see him wear it, so Justin took it upon himself to have Shawn wear it for this set of photos.

Shawn had another pit in his stomach, he didn't know what was going on recently with himself, but he decided to brush it off at the very moment. Justin reached up and ran his fingers through Shawn's gelled back hair, causing the boy to blush once again.

"You guys ready?" The photographer asked. Justin and Shawn got into position and awaited further instruction as the photographer got her angles ready on her camera. The other staff helped with the lighting to make sure they looked polished.

She instructed Shawn to put his elbow on Justin's shoulder in a cocky expression, Shawn smirked and did it. Giggling slightly as Justin poked his sensitive side. The photographer took some nice photographs of him, cheering them on to pose for the camera.

"Aww, you have such a beautiful smile," she was referring to Shawn, who thanked her before looking down, blushing. Justin smirked and mused his hair, causing Shawn to flinch but not do anything.

"So I think that's enough for this photo set, do you guys want to change into your other outfits and get those photos done?" She suggested. Justin agreed as he grabbed Shawn's arm, pulling Shawn back into the fitting room to change.
After they finished 3 sets of photos in different attire, they were on their last set for the shoot. Justin was putting a white silk button up top on to go with his suit jacket as Shawn was wearing one similar. The anxious feeling in Shawn's stomach was back: but it was stronger.

Shawn leaned against his chair and took a deep breath, trying to calm down. Justin could sense Shawn's distress and sat beside him, "Are you okay," he asked, reaching to button Shawn's shirt.

Shawn looked down at Justin's hands and nodded, keeping his eyes mainly on the sparkly jewel on Justin's bracelet to keep his attention off of his anxiety.

"Hey," Justin lifted Shawn's chin with two fingers and looked into the boy's eyes. "Are you sure you're okay," Justin asked again. Shawn pulled back and nodded, shifting awkwardly in his seat. Justin wasn't convinced as he sat down beside Shawn, pulling him close.

"You keep adverting your eyes, I know something's wrong kid and you need to tell me," Justin wasn't letting this go and Shawn got fidgety. "I-I'm fine,"

"You sure,"


Justin sighed and took Shawn's word that he was okay. He grabbed Shawn's hands and helped him to his feet, making sure his hair was okay before stepping out into the photoset room again. Shawn's stomach was twisting and his heart hurt, he didn't know what was going on or what to do.

Justin squeezes his brother's hand gently in reassurance as they both stood side by side. Shawn put his head on his brother's shoulder and looked down. The photographer laughed upon seeing that.

"Aww, are you tired?" She asked, jokingly. Shawn didn't respond but kept his head down. She figured maybe he was tired and decided to keep it moving as quickly as possible when he didn't respond.

"Okay so I want you both to look at me with some seductive faces, pretend you're looking at Lisa Bonét or something." She suggested as she got the camera ready.

Justin did his signature seductive look but Shawn didn't budge, he kept his head on Justin's shoulder as he had his face buried now.

"Shawn? Honey, I know you're tired but you have to look up at me." She pushed but Shawn wouldn't look up. Justin took notice of Shawn's behavior and poked at him.

"Come on, dude. We are almost done just look at her," Justin nudged encouragingly.

"Shawn?" No response.

Justin sighed and turned to look at his brother, lifting his face, "Come on man what's-" Shawn's face stopped him mid-sentence. It was red and tears were streaming down his face as he was sniffling, trying his hardest not to audibly cry.

"Are you okay?" The photographer asked Shawn, he bit his lip as a small cry tried to escape. "Please excuse us," Justin excused both of them from the room as they walked into their dressing room and Justin shut the door.

"What's going on honey? Have a seat," Justin patted the soft cushion chair in front of him and Shawn took a seat, still crying. Justin grabbed some tissues off of the table and had Shawn blow his nose. Shawn sniffled and curled his legs up into his arms, hugging his knees as he was distressed.

He remembered the last time he took family photos were with his family - which are now deceased. He didn't really want to take new ones but he didn't want to go against his godmother's wishes. He hurt and didn't know how to deal with it.

Justin sighed as he watched Shawn cry, unable to read his thoughts that were currently running a mile a second. Justin wrapped his arms around Shawn and rubbed his back.

"I'm sorry you're hurting, baby, but I can't help you if you don't tell me what's bothering you." Justin said quietly into Shawn's ear. Shawn looked down as more tears fell, biting his lip.

"Do you want to be alone?" Justin asked which received a "no" response by Shawn shaking his head.

"Do you want me to get you something?" Again, Shawn shook his head no. Justin rubbed his back again, giving him a little kiss on the cheek.

"Do you wanna cuddle?" Bing-go. Shawn nodded before crawling into his brother's arms, burying his face into Justin's arms and letting it all out. Justin rubbed up and down his spine as Shawn cried his eyes out.

"What's bothering you, sweetheart?" Justin whispered into his ear, rocking Shawn gently.
Shawn kept crying before he mumbled an answer.

"What was that?" Justin asked gently, trying to get his brother to repeat himself. "Hm?"

"I'm a-all a-alone," he whispered, still crying. "I m-miss doing these with my m-mom, d-dad and a-aaliyah. I'm by myself now," He sniffled, holding Justin tight.

Justin squeezed Shawn in a tight hug before planting kisses all over his face, "You aren't alone baby. You have your godmom, your Goddad, your aunts and uncles, cousins, friends, family, Cameron, Jake... and you'll always have me no matter what," He smoothed Shawn's hair back and kissed his cheek, Shawn looked up at Justin with teary eyes. Justin kissed his face again as he continued.

"I know you miss your family. I miss them too but remember you still have them, in your memories and in your heart. Not to mention, you're apart of them, you keep them alive with your spirit."


"Yes really," He continued to rock Shawn gently. Shawn took a few moments to process this before giving Justin a big hug, smiling from ear to ear.

"Thank you, Justy. Love you bro." He squeezed his brother tightly as Justin returned the favor, kissing his face.

"Now let's go finish these photos before your god mother kills me," Justin mused in amusement. Shawn laughed as he got up, walking out of the dressing room door with Justin in tow.

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