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SHE EARNED, BY HER COUNT, THIRTY POINTS IN THE FIRST FIVE MINUTES. It wasn't too terribly difficult. All she had to do was create a small shield, will the edges to sharpen, and send it tearing through the robots. She didn't have to completely smash the fake villains like the girl with the enlarged hand. No, just ruin the circuitry within, and the robots were immobilized, earning her points quicker than she expected.

Her knuckles began to bruise, and small cuts began to appear at her palms, but she was otherwise unaffected. Normally, the side effects of her Quirk appeared after only one minute of constant attacks. However, after two months of working and training and strengthening her Quirk, she could last longer before afflictions were transferred from her shields to her skin.

She also found that it was quite easy to lift the smallest robots into the air and hurl them back to the ground, as they were much lighter than they appeared to be. She had to be careful, though, as there were many, many teenagers running around, frantically trying to earn points before time ran out.

Seven minutes into the practical, forty-three points earned, she turned to find a three-pointer towering over her, ready to attack. She immediately raised a shield, but it was unnecessary as the robot crumpled inward and fell to the ground.

A girl with chin length, choppy purple hair stood in front of her. "You okay?" the girl panted. She answered with a nod, staring at the earphone jacks that retracted from the robot's destroyed form. They were connected to the girl's earlobes, she noticed. Looking back at the metal carcass, she decided that the earphone girl's Quirk must have something to do with vibrations.

"Er, be careful, okay?" Earphone ran off, leaving her with a ruined robot and still only forty-three points. She checked her watch. Two minutes left.

At exactly eight minutes, forty-two seconds, the ground began to shake. Buildings began to collapse as something made its way towards the center of the mock city. The other examiners halted in their attacks and turned to stare at the oncoming monstrosity.

It was as tall, if not taller than the buildings it knocked down, with claw-like hands and a rectangular face. An image appeared in her mind. The stapled papers. There were four pictures on it, depicting four fake villains. One pointers, two pointers, three pointers, and ...

Zero pointers.

Screams and cries filled the air as the others turned tail and ran. This thing could kill them with one swipe, and it wasn't worth any points, so what was the point of trying to stop it?


She kept moving, but her head turned just enough for her to see the person that had yelled so desperately. It was a girl with pink hair and goggles, trying to pull someone out from under a large slab of concrete rubble. "Please! I think he's hurt!"

She slid to a halt and turned to face the girl -- and the massive robot. Dark green eyes flickering between the two, she waited for the flow to make its decision, because it always made these decisions, and she trusted it. She waited. And waited.

And nothing.

She could feel it. The flow did absolutely nothing, didn't even weigh options like it normally did. It just sat there. No whispers in her mind. No tug in her uncaring heart. Nothing.

It was suddenly very difficult to breathe.

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