Chapter 23

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"Then you must leave. You can take my vehicle."

Terra shook her head. "You do not understand what he is capable of. He will tear this town apart to find me. I have to confront him." She leaned forward to give Joseph a quick hug. "Go warn as many as you can. See if you can find Will. And thank you."

As she ran out Joseph called out to her. "God be with you, Terra."

I hope so.

Terra ran as fast as she could to her motorcycle and pulled a set of fighting spikes out of a saddlebag, sliding them into her boot. She suppressed her aura as much as she could hoping Necros had not noticed it, at least not yet. She drove her motorcycle to the edge of town and parked it out of sight between a rundown vacant building and a small shed. A brief look into the aura to revealed that Necros and his Enforcers approached the hospital. 

Terra ran back toward the hospital. She stopped at the community center and peered around the corner to assess the situation. Necros stood before the hospital main entrance, twisted metal frames and shattered glass all that remained of the doors. He wore the ceremonial gold mesh mask and robe for someone of his high rank. Two others wearing silver masks and robes flanked him. Just from their adornment, Terra knew they were powerful Talents, likely of similar power to her own. Three armed guards, likely low Talent, stood behind them. Four townspeople including one of the hospital security guards lay motionless on the ground.  Necros extended a hand towards a woman telekinetically pinned to the wall, her face twisted in pain.

Liz. No!

Terra's fingernails left marks in her palms as rage boiled up from her core.  Just across the way stood the monster who murdered her best friend and now threatened another.  She pushed back against the burning vengeance that threatened to consume her.

Focus! I cannot hope to defeat a T1 Talent, but I can lead him away.

Terra moved out into the open and drew three spikes from her boot. She shifted fully into the aura and suspended the spikes before her. With practiced precision, she telekinetically flung them at high velocity. Necros and his silver Enforcers felt Terra's intrusion into the aura immediately and threw up shields, but they were not her target. The other three guards who once stood behind them dropped to the ground, each pierced thru the chest by the deadly projectiles.

Liz slid down the wall as Necros turned toward Terra. "So there you are."

Terra cupped her hands around her mouth and yelled, "Hey, Emperor's lap boy. Come and get me!"

That should do it.

Terra sprinted away. She telekinetically launched rocks drawn from a nearby pile at her pursuers, hoping to delay them for a second.  Running in a zigzag pattern by the community building, she raced toward her waiting motorcycle. Spikes pelted the ground to her right. Necros motioned his assistants to the left and right. They began their chase, but not by running, instead floating just above the ground.

Necros sent a telekinetic push at Terra. She threw up a shield to block, but it still sent her sprawling across the ground. She jumped up and began to run again. More spikes came. She yelped as one grazed her thigh, the sharp pain sending her tumbling to the ground again. She got up and limped around the building as she felt a warm liquid run down her leg.

With a deep breath, Terra set off again. She temporarily pulled out of the aura, hoping that would make her more difficult to locate. She made a hard left turn between two buildings, only able to hobble in a half-run due to her leg wound.

If I can just get to my motorcycle.

After a turn to the right down an alley, Terra pulled up. At the other end of the alley stood one of the silver Enforcers, who let fly a set of spikes. She jumped to the left and telekinetically pushed the projectiles to the right so that they just missed her, instead embedding themselves in the side of a wooden gate. Terra launched a spike back at the Enforcer, but with a motion of his hand, it clattered to the ground at his feet. The tall chimney above and behind him gave her an idea. She pulled hard on the bricks and then let gravity take over. The Enforcer turned to block them from falling on him. The distraction created an opening to attack. The spike Terra launched buried itself deeply in the wall just behind him, its path directly through the body of the Enforcer. He stood stunned for a few seconds before blood began to spurt from his chest and then he slumped to the ground.

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