First Date

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It's finally Sunday! You have a big date with Bakugo, you're going to an ice cream parlor. Bakugo doesn't want to tell anyone about you guys dating, so he suggests you wear something to cover yourself do that nobody spots you with him.

4:00pm|ice cream parlor|November 11th Sunday

Bakugo: Oh, you came...

You: Sorry if I'm late, do you like my outfit?

Bakugo: Yeah, you look fine.

Bakugo grabs your hand and you walk into the parlor together.

Bakugo: I'll pay, what flavor do you want?

You: Vanilla, I'll go plain this time!

Bakugo: Yeah Yeah, just find a table.

You find a table all the way at the back so that nobody sees you. You sit there patiently while Bakugo grabs your ice cream. After 5 minutes Bakugo comes back with your Vanilla Ice cream and his own Chocolate Ice cream. He hands you the ice cream.

You: Thanks Bakugo.

Bakugo: Don't mention it.

Bakugo eats his ice cream messily, you can't help but stare at how the chocolate ice cream drips from the cone to wrist. He takes a glance at you so you start eating your ice cream. All of a sudden he starts laughing at you.

You: What?

Bakugo: You have a little something on your... lips

You: Oh, sorry.

Bakugo: Let me... let me get that for you...

Bakugo leans over and kisses your lips, licking the mess off. When he releases you, you're in a state of shock and arousal. You blush and look down at your lap.

Bakugo: You're welcome

Bakugo leans back in the chair and laughs at your embarrassment. Bakugo moves his chair closer to you. You eat your ice cream without making a mess but when you're done, Bakugo seems to be having trouble with his. You giggle a little before you realize he's glaring straight at you.

Bakugo: What's so funny?

You: You're so adorable Bakugo!

Bakugo blushes into a bright red color and grits his teeth together. You can't help but smile. He finishes the rest of his ice cream in silence. You think you angered him, but you were only telling the truth.

Bakugo: Well... I'm done... so you don't have to keep waiting for me to finish...

You: Okay, where do you wanna go next?

Bakugo: Oh I didn't have it all planned out... I wanted it to be... spontaneous, or something.

You: Really?

You look at Bakugo, who seems like he's embarrassed for not having it planned out. So instead, you make up your own plan.

You: Well... I found a pet store that's giving out free kittens! They're closing down so... yeah.

Bakugo: Great...

You leave the Ice Cream Parlor and head to the Pet Store, but on your way you see a villain. The villain is throwing cars around and terrorizing the citizens. Worst of all, he's standing on top of the Pet Store!

Bakugo: Villain scum!

Bakugo runs towards the villain, ready to attack. You catch up with him and hold his arm.

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