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Chapter 1-
" Running away again huh?" 

As i packed my bags, my heart broke a little each and every second. Looking around my childhood home, the only one i've ever truly known. A normal three bedroom, two bathroom home, a living room that had a white couch, and a flat screen tv that the club men always watched football on. The kitchen that myself or my brother always cooked in. Myself being the only female of the house after my ma ran off. My room, decorated in purple and black decor. My white desk on the wall, with my computer and pictures of everyone i loved on the wall above. 

My all time favorite picture, was my brother Opie and I, with Jax. My boyfriend. Jackson Nathaniel Teller, a year older than me. AS was my brother. Opie and Jax have been the best of friends since birth, and thats the story of how Jax and i fell in love. HE was always around, or i was always with Opie and dad at the clubhouse. My dad was apart of one of the biggest biker clubs in California. The Sons Of Anarchy Motorcycle Club Redwood Originals. SAMCRO. 

My long brown hair was almost to my hips, naturally curly. I stood about 5'4. A short little thing compared to my brother. I wore a black tank top, and a pair of tight jeans, and biker boot heels. I just graduated high school. Now im off to college, i was a late enrollment, only enrolled three weeks ago. Thankfully being a straight a student with nursing credits, got me in. I wasn't going to go out of state for college. I originally was just going to drive an hour every day to get there and an hour back.  But for the third time, i got my heart broken, by the same man. I walked in on him and a girl named Tara Knowles, having sex in his dorm room. I havent talked to him since.

"Running away again, huh Mae?" I turn, and see my brother standing against my door frame. I grabbed my suitcase and my shoulder bag, and my keys from my desk.

" I can't do this anymore, Op" He sighed, knowing that i was in fact right. 

"I know, but why do you have to go? Where are you even going?" Walking out the front door and to my blue BMW. I threw my bags in, and turned to face him.

" Far away from here, I'll call when i find a place to settle down." I heard a bike in the distance, and soon it shut off and i heard footsteps running towards me. 

"Mae! " I heard my name repeatedly. I looked down, which made Opie run towards Jax. 

"Leave her alone Jax" Opie growled at his best friend, angry at him from breaking my heart for the last time.  I looked at Jackson, his eyes were a dark blue, and he had a tear escaping down his cheek. I nodded, and got into my car. Putting Charming, and everything i ever known, in my review mirror. 

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