Graham and Regina!

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‘’Thanks for coming with me tonight’ ’Emma said. She had to work late tonight because Graham had volunteered at the animal shelter or something. Emma asked if I wanted to tag along and I was happy to.
‘’Yeah, of course. I like these drive around’s in the police car. Makes me feel important’’I said. She laughed.
‘’I guess it’s a little fun’’She said. I took a drink of my coffee. We drove past Regina's as house and there was someone climbing out a window of her house. Emma parked the car at the curb.
‘’Stay here’’Emma said and she got out of the car quietly. I turned and watched as she hid behind a bush. She hit the man that was coming from Regina's drive way and he fell to the floor. Wait a minute, is that Graham! I opened the car door and I ran to where they were. Graham was on the ground clutching his stomach.
‘’This is volunteering?’’Emma asked
‘’Plans changed, Regina needed me to-‘’
‘’Sleep with her?’’Emma asked. No! Graham would have told me! Or maybe he wouldn't.
‘’No’’Graham said getting up.
‘’Well then why were you sneaking out of the window?’’I asked.
‘’Because, she didn’t want Henry to know.’’
Oh god they are sleeping together! okay this is really gross!
‘’You did this with Henry in the house?’’Emma asked
‘’He’s sleeping. He doesn't know.’’
‘’Oh my god. I wish I was Henry right now’’Emma asked
‘’God this is really weird’’I said running my fingers threw my hair.
Never in a million years would I think Graham and Regina would be doing that.
‘’I really do work at an animal shelter.’’Graham said
‘’You can finish my shift. Im done working nights.’’Emma said throwing Graham the keys walking away. I gave Graham a sad look and I ran after Emma.  I knew that Emma had tiny feelings for Graham. Im good at reading people. But clearly not good enough because I didn’t know about Regina and Graham.
‘’Hey, wait up’’I said catching up to her.
‘’I really don’t want to talk’’Emma said.
‘’That’s fine. You know I really would love some ice cream right now. Want to go get some?’’I asked looking at her hopefully. She looked at me and nodded.
‘’Sure’’Emma said.
‘’Good because I was going to make you come with me either way. We better hurry though, the ice cream parlor closes in a hour’’I said
‘’You know the ice creme parlor's schedule?’’Emma asked.
‘’Yeah, duh! I go there at least 3 times a week. I love ice cream.’’ I said linking my arm in her’s. She laughed slightly.
 Later that night I was in my room, throwing a ball in the air and talking to Graham on the phone.
‘’You should have told me about Regina and You. Im your best friend!’’I said
‘’Im not a girl. I don’t go telling things to my best friend and besides Regina didn't want anyone to know''
I rolled my eyes even though he couldn’t see it.
‘’Still. How long has this thing, been going on’’I said, exaggerating the word ‘thing’.
‘’A while’’
‘’God Graham! Im going to tell you something, and you cant say a word to anyone, you hear me. I know that You and Emma have a connection or something, and you really hurt her tonight’’ I said
‘’I didn’t mean to!’’
‘’I know! I really wish I could give you womanly advice but personalty I have no idea what that advice would be’’I said.                                                                                                                                                    ''It's fine''he said                                                                                                                                            ''Whats the appeal with Regina anyways?''i asked                                                                                      ''Its complicated. I dont feel anything with her''                                                                                                'So its like a booty call thing?''i asked                                                                                                                  'I dont know. I guess''                                                                                                                                               ''Okay, well i think you just you just need to think''I said
‘’I got to go, talk to you later’’Graham said.
‘’Yeah talk to you later’’ I hung the phone up and set it on the bed.
‘’Man the drama in this town’’I said to myself throwing the ball back in the air before catching it again.

Authors note:
Sorry for the short chapters today! I have been busy all day getting ready for school next week. Im going to bed but i will update tomorrow!
Goodnight guys! Or Good morning, or Good afternoon, whatever time zone your in!


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