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Once upon a time, we were in love.

It was a big, crazy, terrifying love, and we were too young to know we should be scared. It was the kind of love that is only possible in youth, when your heart is still something whole that can be given away completely. It requires the guileless abandon of innocence, the fearless confidence of an undamaged soul.

Our love was a miracle, a secret we were certain no one had ever discovered before. We were bound together in the knowledge of it, in this new invisible world where only the two of us existed.

I was fundamentally changed, as though love rearranged my atoms. He created, or perhaps merely unveiled, parts of me I'd never known about before. And with every day that passed we became more connected, until he was a vital cog in the machinery that allowed me to draw breath into my lungs.

I felt alive for the first time. Loving him made me realize that anything I thought I'd felt before this - this uncontainable feeling bigger than me or him or even both of us together - was merely a droplet. And this was a torrential downpour. It was chaos, a madness we couldn't control, and we gave ourselves over to it.

What we had was a forever kind of love. Until forever suddenly ended.

It was a big, crazy, terrifying love, and it destroyed me. It was the experience that introduced me to pain and betrayal. In the trusting naiveté of youth I'd allowed another person to become essential to my being, to the very act of breathing, and when he was gone I suffocated.

Once upon a time, love broke me. And I will never, ever, let myself fall in love again.

Author's Note:

This is going to be my attempt at writing a straight up romance. I'm in the emotional deep end with the other story I'm working on right now, so I wanted to have something steamy on the side to decompress with ;)

Sexy times will be happening.

Thanks for reading! I'd love to hear from you :)

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