SEVEN (Part 1)

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The room in the Autumn deity's quarters had a mind of its own

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The room in the Autumn deity's quarters had a mind of its own. Every surface in her room was covered in leaves. Red, orange, yellow, and brown was in every centimeter of the room. Morita was laying on the bed in a room filled with empty furniture and thick, rough tree branches for walls. She brought her arm up to her head, causing a pile of leaves to join their brethren on the ground. A gentle wind flew through the room, smelling of earth, carrying a dozen more leaves to replace the ones she had knocked to the ground.

Her body was completely loose as she stared up at the gnarly branches that made up the ceiling. If the Autumn quarters have falling leaves, why doesn't the Winter one have snow? Corvid had transferred her to Naishera's quarters after Aruma had whispered something into the deity's ears.

She held a red leaf above her, twirling it between her thumb and pointer finger. It reminded her of Djinhelm in autumn. Falor and she would spend days in the parks, throwing themselves into the gathered mounds of leaves and talking under some giant tree that was losing its leaves. Morita could almost taste the season. It tasted like honey-glazed poultry soured with the slightest taste of lemon.

She tried to roll onto her side, but a sudden jolt of pain made her stop. She had forgotten about the books she had discarded to rest her eyes. Naishera had given her three books so that Morita could learn more about the deity world. Despite how much she despised him, she couldn't deny that Scioren had written the books with such interest that she actually looked forward to reading them.

At least, she assumed that he had written it since the cover had his name on it. Maybe he was just the one that had translated it from the deities' language to Melband.

According to the untitled book with a few wrinkled pages and a water stain on the third page, all deities were required to learn all the major languages: Melband, Western Karvic, Eastern Karvic, Khafsaan, and Qínnish. She had stared at the words with disbelief with she had first read them. How was she going to learn four other languages?

She had also learned that deities' bodies were drastically different than human ones. They were incredibly heavy, but no one knew why. Deities didn't produce waste. They also didn't sweat, bleed, eat, or drink. They had no innards as far as the deities knew. What confused Morita the most was how deities changed appearances. Their hair grew slower than a human's and they couldn't get overweight, but over a few years, their looks would change slightly. He didn't provide any detail on how any of it worked.

There was one section that she remembered word for word. It was an explanation why despite her many human tendencies, she could be a deity. "All deities that are raised in Lihared by orders of the Heaven Council are tricked by the deity of Memory to think they have bled or ate or whatever it is to make them think they are a mortal. This also applies to the mortals around them." The idea of these extremely powerful deities, like Scioren or the deity of Memory made her chest tighten.

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