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"WHAAAT!?!?!?" Loki exclaimed, utterly shocked and surprised.

"What? Am I that unappealing?" Tsuyoidesu joked.

"N-no you're plenty appealing! I mean, um, no. That's not what I meant." Loki said, blushing heavily.

Morrigan sighed. "Ok, well then what do you mean?" He asked.

"I mean... how is a goddess you're ex?" Loki questioned. At that, Ishtar put her head down.

"It's kinda personal, but she did something I didn't like and I broke up with her." Tsuyoidesu said, "But I can tell that she's been trying to fix her wrong doing, trying to get forgiveness for what she did. And due to some recent events, I've forgiven her."

Ishtar has tears pouring down her face now. "Thank you! I'm so, so, so, sorry!" Ishtar yelled as she hugged Tsuyoidesu. Morrigan hugged back and patted her back as tears were flowing from her. Morrigan sighed.

Time Skip

After Tsuyoidesu had thought that he'd properly brought the girls outside of the dungeon safely, he decided to go on a walk around Orario. As he was walking around, he noticed Hephaestus with an unnaturally large pile of metal in her arms, trying to haul it to her shop. She was struggling to even walk.

"Hey Hephaestus! Here, let me help you out!" Tsuyoidesu yelled, alerting her of his presence.

"O-oh hey there Morrigan. Um, what are you doing out here?" Hephaestus replied.

"Oh I was just taking a stroll after being in the dungeon. Here, let me take it." Tsuyoidesu said, taking the metal from Hephaestus' hands. He smirked behind the metal and jokingly said, "Come on! I'm not carrying this for free you know!"

"Really? What do you want then?" Hephaestus replied.

Tsuyoidesu sighed and said, "I was kidding, but I do want you to hurry up with me at least."

"Oh..." Hephaestus blushed from embarrassment.

"Come on! Onward to thy palace!" Tsuyoidesu joked.

Hephaestus sighed. "He's really cute when he's like this. I just hope he'll never go in that state again. He was always so obsessed with those goblins..." Hephaestus muttered

"What was that, Hephaestus?" Morrigan asked, looking back at her.

"N-nothing! We should get these materials into the shop." Hephaestus replied.

Time Skip|Two Days Later

"You did what now?" Tsuyoidesu questioned Poseidon.

"I've invited all of my friends to a party. All of the goddesses!" Poseidon said excitedly.

"Why is that?" Morrigan said with a bland tone, immediately knowing something was up.

"Well don't you wanna spend time with your future wife's friends?" Poseidon said, sticking out her 'busty' parts at Morrigan. He just rolled his eyes.

"You're not my wife, and nor will you-"

Before Morrigan could even finish his sentence, Poseidon jumped on him, slamming him to the floor. "Come oooon~ I promise that you could mess up my body however you want~" Poseidon said in an extremely seductive voice that was so hypnotizing that Tsuyoidesu brought up his hands to do the deed. But he shook his head and rid those thoughts, bringing his hands back down. Poseidon started putting pressure of her 'bust' against Morrigan's chest. That was when the door opened,

"Hey we're h-!" Hestia exclaimed, the rest of the goddesses behind her. But she stopped short of the sight she saw. "W-w-w-what... w-what are you two doing!?"

"What else? I'm teaching him how to treat a women." Poseidon replied.

Tsuyoidesu then pushed her off and looked back at Hestia and said, "And I was trying to get her off of me. Thank you for the distraction, by the way."

Hestia then jumped onto Tsuyoidesu, along with the other goddesses. Morrigan groaned loudly...

Time Skip|Another Realm

"While these 'gods' fall in love and get relaxed with their creations, they've let me grow stronger. They've released the true power of what they've wanted to hide for so long... their Icon of Sin." A deep, dark, demonic voice spoke. And then all around the voice flames lit up, red lightning struck the emptiness. "HAHAHAHAAAA!!!"


"AAAAAAAAH!!!" Tsuyoidesu screamed, getting up from where he was sitting. The goddesses looked at him in surprise, then concern.

"What is it, Morrigan?" Artemis questioned.

"I think I just got a vision. And it wasn't good." Tsuyoidesu said, his face turning from scared to shitting bricks.

All the goddesses jumped from his increased fright. "What is it?" Ishtar, Poseidon, Loki, and Freya asked.

"I-I don't quite know. But from the sounds of it, it said that it was building power from the ignorance of the gods. And it seems like as though it called itself... The Icon of Sin?" Tsuyoidesu looked up. His eyes were no longer their normal dark brown color. They were stained blood red. "And he's coming for you all..."

All the goddesses exchanged looks with pale faces. Then they looked at Morrigan, who seemed to be holding something back. Red electricity was starting to emerge from him as his head suddenly started growing massive, white, symbol-engraved, horns. He was screaming in agony as he was trying his absolute hardest to a whatever it was from trying to possess him. Then the lightning went from red to bluish yellow, the horns fell off, and his eyes went to electric blue. And if you looked carefully enough, you could just see the symbol of an eagle with a lightning bolt going from the neck across to the claws. This symbol was just below Tsuyoidesu's left eye as a burn mark.

"I will not allow you to harm me or anyone else! I will not let the demon in me be controlled by you!" Tsuyoidesu exclaimed. Then a blast of energy escaped him as the evil presence that had lurked once before, disappeared. Tsuyoidesu then fell to his knees, unconscious. Then he leaned forward, about to fall over.

"I got you..." Poseidon whispered gently. Poseidon caught the left side of him.

"What happened?" Ishtar asked as she held the other half of Morrigan.

"Our foe, the Icon of Sin, has awakened from his slumber. And he's chosen his next host to be the one we all love. The Icon of Sin has chosen his next host to be Tsuyoidesu Morrigan." Poseidon and Freya said with utter seriousness.

"You can't possibly mean... that he's back as well. The Icon's subordinate alone is enough to take on a few gods at once. From the Heavens I mean." Hestia said shocked.

"No, I don't think the Slayer within him has arisen yet. But one things for certain, there will be a war between us gods and those demons on who will get Tsuyoidesu Morrigan." Ishtar said.

The girls sighed. 'Why can't we get a break?' They all thought.

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